Ten Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Marriages

Healthy marriages can definitely stand the test of time, though certain habits will destroy and deteriorate your happy relationship without a doubt. Here are the top ten points to absolutely avoid, to the best of your abilities.

Avoid being a critic

Talking bad about your spouse to common friends or colleagues at work definitely sends out a wrong image. Respect your partner for the good that they have brought into your life, rather than focusing on all that’s negative in the relationship.

Keep from playing deaf

A healthy marriage is all about open and healthy communication. Avoiding a discussion or to make like you’re listening, when you’re actually spacing out is the worst thing you can possibly do. Pay attention to what your spouse has to share, let them speak their heart out without interrupting as far as possible.

Absence of sex

Definitely not considered valid punishment in any healthy marriage, the absence of sex can near ruin a relationship. Intimacy, both emotional as well as physical, is integral to every marriage.


The worst quality in any person, especially those working on keeping a healthy marriage; arrogance will bring your spouse down. Humility is a great way to counter arrogance, those with issues of wanting to always be right, should probably take a step back and re-evaluate self, for the benefit of humanity.

Inability to follow through

Stick to what you promise, or inadvertently don’t. Keeping up to what you say you are going to do, shows commitment and the want to see your partner happy. Avoiding responsibility of action, on the other hand, is the worst possible move in a marriage.

Being a bullying badger

Teasing your partner despite them letting you know otherwise, shows an inconsideration that requires professional help. Banking on them having a poor sense of humor doubles as being careless and mean; the last thing you’d want your spouse to think of you.


Trust is fundamental to every healthy marriage. Keeping secrets and being dishonest with your partner will end badly. Lies build distance between couples, besides taking your spouse for granted. A definite way to create a gulf and state of indifference in your marriage, lying should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid being abrasive

Rubbing your spouse the wrong way is a sure way to bring a happy, healthy marriage to certain end. Persisting with habits that trouble or disturb your partner will turn innocent evenings into serious rumbles.

Practicing egoism

Self-centered habits will destroy your healthy marriage. Holding on to petty indifferences by not wanting to share thoughts, while being a blatant hypocrite, are examples of a selfish partner. Give your spouse the best they deserve, practice selflessness and generosity instead.

Being temperamental

The inability to control emotions, especially anger can disrupt the peace and openness in a marriage. The capacity to handle destructive emotions like hate and anger, in a constructive manner is a crucial element to every union. Using anger to win positions in a marriage is an unhealthy way to deal with situations.

A lot of what goes into keeping a healthy marriage also improves on personality and character. Important factors that keep married couples together help build on emotional maturity and independence of self.

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