Answering Tough Questions about Relationships

Before getting into a serious commitment, or even beginning a relationship there are several questions difficult questions you should ask yourself to avoid the meaningless heartache and stress that come with getting into an eventual marriage with an ill-suited companion.

There’s a lot to consider before opening yourself to long term commitment, or even heading down the road to marriage. Here are some important questions that will open your mind and soul to understanding your dynamic as a couple better.

Are you ready?

Several people jump into relationships, even if they are detrimental to emotional and physical health, mostly out of insecurity. Before getting into a serious commitment, it’s best to focus on you. Analyze your emotional and physical state of being. Are there any outstanding issues or troubles you’ve seen recur in your romantic life? If so, it would be better to find balance and security within before you commit yourself to another.

How well do you know you partner?

Commitment shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before getting into a serious relationship, get to know your mate better. Open yourselves up to sharing a variety of experiences, so you can better assess their reactions in situations. Based on which you can make an informed decision as to how you’ll relate together as a couple.

People tend to show their true character in situations where they’re hungry, stressed, tired, and in situations they wouldn’t want to be in. Observe your partner and how they handle themselves when out of sorts.

Do you share an even and balanced relationship?

Are you’ll both equal contributors in the relationship, or is it a more one sided play of events? If you find your partner leaning more toward being a receiver than a giver, then perhaps you should consider sharing your thoughts with your partner if you’d like to create a healthier relationship.

It’s important to be able to address issues that will help bring your relationship balance and an even platform from which to build a healthy relationship.

Do you share common ground?

It is important to have common interests and activities as a couple. Participating together as a unit will help build several essential skills that go into the making of a healthy relationship. Physical or intellectual interests bring couples together forming stronger bonds.

Sharing common interests in fundamental beliefs and ideals will strengthen your bond as a couple, leaving less room for contentious arguments that stem from flippant remarks.

Is communication easy?

Being able to communicate freely with your partner is integral to be able to grow together as a couple. A healthy relationship can only happen when your partner welcomes dialogue with an open mind, one that isn’t judgmental.

Being able to share your views and feelings without being mocked, demeaned, or contradicted even will help build trust, which in turn affirms respect and love to a great extent.

There are many questions that need a thorough analysis before committing your energies to a relationship. Most important of all would be to ask yourself the reason for the commitment and if it stems from a genuine position, or one of need and insecurity. The best advice to follow dwells within self alone. Intuition is our greatest guide.

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