Takeaways from Best Self help Books

There are a number of self help books. The problem with us is that we just read them mechanically and forget what we read very soon. The right way is that we should retain what we read and try to apply the principles throughout our lives. Let us discuss some of the takeaways from the best self help books.

Positive thinking

This is one of the most important lessons we should learn. It cannot be denied that there may be many set-backs in our lives. But this should not be the reason for nurturing negative thoughts in our minds. It has been proved that if we continuously have negative thoughts, whatever we do may fail. On the other hand, positive thinking will make our lives smooth. Even tough tasks can be finished with relative ease.

Be selfless

A number of studies have proved that if we act selflessly, we can derive immense joy that can last long. This point has been vouched even by experts who have written many self help books. On the contrary, if we are focused on fulfilling our own selfish needs, the joy we derive may be temporary and its effects may fade away very soon.

Get rid of fear and embrace faith

When we attempt something new, we may not be certain of the outcome. Many of us may be concerned about it and some of us may worry and fear about the outcome also. But self help books suggest that the right way is to divert our minds from our worries and fears and focus on our efforts. They also suggest that we should have faith in ourselves and in our abilities. Instead of worrying, we should acquire all the required skills for carrying out the task and make our efforts sincerely and purposefully.

Believe that you have the come-back power

We can not assume that whatever we undertake will be a success. There may be obstacles along the way or the complete project may fail also. But we should realize that it is not wrong to fail. But it is wrong if we do not make the attempt again. The right approach, as suggested by self help books, is to analyze the reasons for our failures, learn about the mistakes we have committed and try to avoid those mistakes in our next attempt. Experts call this as the come-back power. We should realize that everyone of us has this power. We should invoke this power and fast-track our journey towards success.

Develop appropriate relationships

If we think that we can accomplish great feats single-handedly, we are terribly wrong. We need the help of others. Self help books also suggest that we should develop appropriate relationships so that we can get the right help at the right moment. Relationships can be developed only if we develop the habit of listening. We should allow others to speak and listen attentively. If we do not learn this habit, the relationships we develop may fail soon.

There can be a number of other lessons we can learn from self help books. But whatever points that have been discussed here are quite important. Everyone should keep these points in mind and try to learn the other lessons also by going through good self help books.

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