Six Teen Depression Tips for Parents

Unlike earlier times, teenage years are more turbulent because teens are exposed to a lot of information through television, Internet, etc. In addition to that, there is a lot of competition among teens and therefore, they feel unbearable peer pressure also. This has led to increased chances of teen depression affliction. Parents of children with teen depression should remember a few points and follow a few tips.

Recognizing the problem

Parents may find it difficult to recognize the problem in their teens because in general, teens may sometimes have emotional highs and they may sometimes feel low also. Teens may appear to be more close to their friends than their parents and hence, parents may miss out on the symptoms of the problem.

Major difference between girls and boys

When children step into their teen age, their activities and interests change. In fact, boys as well as girls are equally susceptible to be affected by teen depression due to various types of pressures they face. But the scenario is different in the case of girls who attain puberty. They are more prone to be affected by depression than boys. This trend continues even when they step into adulthood. This may be because of the genetic vulnerability, the hormonal changes that take place in girls during puberty, anxiety and other socialization factors.

What should parents do?

If parents ensure to provide a warm and secure ambiance to their teens, they can certainly bring the affected children back to normalcy. Parents should not hesitate to seek professional help. They should consult with competent psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors and hasten the process of recovery of their children. These professionals may suggest appropriate therapies and medications after evaluating the condition of the teens.

Keep observing your teens closely

As pointed out earlier, there may be significant changes in the behaviors and activities of children when they step into teenage. So, parents should keenly observe these changes. While most of the changes are quite normal, parents should watch for prolonged sad feelings in their teens. These teens may continuously exhibit irritable behaviors also. Some of the other symptoms of teen depression are that these children may lack focus in their studies and other activities. In extreme cases, some teens may take to drugs or regular drinking of alcohol. In short, only if parents closely observe their teens, they will be able to notice these symptoms.

Behavioral patterns

Parents may feel that their teens have completely changed and they behave as ‘different persons’. Changes in their behavioral patterns can be seen in almost all the situations which means they will be behaving differently not only at home but at school as well. They may stop interacting with their friends.

Gather information

Once parents observe significant and worrisome changes in their teens, they should try to gather as much information about their behaviors from outside sources like their friends, friends’ parents, schools and other places where they hang up. If these sources also reveal major differences in their behaviors and activities, parents should immediately swing into action and take the appropriate steps.

Sometimes, these teens may have come under major stresses in their lives. If they have lost a close family member or a friend, if there is separation between parents, a major ailment of their close ones, etc., these may also cause stress and anxiety in these children, ultimately leading to teen depression.

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