Signs that Predict a Break in Long Term Relationships

Studies have revealed that before relationships between couples break up, there may be signs that show that the split is imminent. These studies involved videotaping of conversations that took place between couples. The researchers analyzed the conversations of these couples along with their facial expressions and emotions.

These studies were focused on studying those couples who had been living together happily and those who split. The researchers found that four negative emotions contributed to break-ups in long-term relationships. The emotions are criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling. If these four emotions are allowed to grow unchecked, split between couples becomes inevitable.

Especially, contempt is considered the strongest among these four emotions. Due to this emotion, one of the spouses may think that he or she is better or cleverer than the other and so, the other is worthless or does not deserve respect. This may lead to strains in the relationship. But, it is not a prudent step in prolonging a failing relationship. So, by understanding the signs that your relationship may be coming to an end, you can save a lot of your time and also heartaches.

Signs that may show that a breakup in relationships is imminent

Major changes in the communicating pattern

The first sign that may occur in the process of a breakup is there may be changes in the communicating pattern. You might have been getting regular calls or texts from your spouse. But, that may have stopped. You yourself may have lost eagerness in receiving such calls or texts. Simply put, communication between spouses may become sporadic.

Constant fighting

Even petty things may trigger fights between spouses. This means that there will be constant fighting between them. Though fights between spouses may be a common thing, these fights usually strengthen the relationship between them. But, if a break-up is imminent, fights may become a constant feature and may never cease.

Absence of love and affection

Both the spouses may develop a hatred towards the other partner which means that love and affection does not exist between them.

Showing interest in others

Couples heading towards a split may show interest in others. This means the wife may find other men interesting and attractive and the husband may also not hesitate to flirt with other women even in the presence of his wife.

Not spending time together

Since they do not have a liking for each other, they may not wish to spend time together. They may try to connive to avoid such togetherness also.

Platonic relationship

Instead of conjugal relationship, couples may develop a sort of platonic friendship with each other. This means that romance between them is a non-existent factor. If couples want to save the relationship, they can do so for which both have to take a few consistent steps. There should first be open and frank communication between them. “Act-as-if” principles suggested by a few experts may also work. But, if efforts to bring romance, love and affection back in the relationships fail also, it becomes clear that separation cannot be averted.

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