Preventing Falling Hard and Quickly in Relationships

If you think that you are falling hard and quickly for guys only to frequently find yourself with a broken heart, you should realize that you are not good at developing meaningful relationships with worthy people. This means that you should learn how to avoid falling hard and quickly for guys.

Tips to avoid falling hard and quickly in relationships

Do not divulge your interest to others

If you have been attracted to a guy, it is better you keep it as a secret till you are certain that the guy is also interested in you.

Do not forget that guys are not flawless

Never forget that every person has shortcomings and this includes the guy you are interested in. If you remember this, you will not fall hard and quickly for him. You will try to find out the flaws in him because if they are major shortcomings, you must avoid having a serious relationship with him.

Take steps to find out more about him

You should make all possible efforts to know more about the guy. You can befriend him for knowing about him, you can talk to his friends or even go out with him a few times to find out if he is worthy of having a relationship with. You should know all the details like his past and existing relationships and girl friends, why his past relationships failed and so on. These details will help you decide whether to proceed with the relationship or not. The point is that if you choose a wrong guy, you will suffer a lot.

Have more number of options

He is still not your boyfriend. So, you must make it a point to have more number of options by flirting with whoever you like. By having such contacts with a few guys, you may not get upset if you find the guy not worthy of a relationship.

Do not rush

Serious and long-term relationships may never succeed if they are developed hastily. So, it is wrong to adopt an aggressive and hasty approach. Therefore, you must avoid blurting out the feelings you have for him very soon. A subtler approach that consists of positive signals is better. Another point is that if the guy does not have similar feelings towards you, you will make a fool of yourself if you express your feelings in haste. Only after confirming that the guy is worthy of your relationship, you should express your feelings to him.

Even experts in relationships advise that some amount of judgment is necessary before falling for a guy. But, some people may argue that logic has no place in love because it involves emotions. If you believe this argument, you may commit the mistake of acting hastily and irrationally. This may turn out to be a disaster. The best suggestion is to step back, put yourself in the shoes of someone else and view things with a logical perspective. Therefore, experts advise vulnerable women to adopt a patient and non-aggressive approach because this will help prevent falling hard and quickly for the wrong guys. 

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