Should You Avoid Having Children for Healthy Marriages

A study has revealed that couples who do not have children are happier than those who have kids. But generally, women who do not have kids express overall unhappiness in their life. The fact is that having children can be a true blessing. Many couples unhesitatingly admit that relationship between them has been strengthened after the birth of their children. But at the same time, these couples say that the household expenses increase when they have children. Let us find out how having children impact healthy marriages. 

It cannot be said that couples will not be able to maintain healthy marriages by avoiding children. It is certainly subjective. Children may impact marriages both positively and negatively.

The Main Negative Effect

When the kids are quite small, pressure is more on the mothers. Sometimes, mothers have to forgo their night’s sleep also. They may have to break their sleep for feeding the babies during nights. Therefore, they may face problems with their mood due to lack of sleep. Your wife may exhibit irritating behavior and this may spoil a healthy relationship. As a responsible husband, you should understand the pressure and stress faced by your wife and tolerate her behaviors. You should try to render a helping hand by speaking encouraging words or by doing whatever is possible from your side.

How To Surmount This Negative Impact

The best way to surmount this negative impact is to work on the team skills you and your spouse possess. You and your wife should learn to enjoy life despite these problems. You can acquire enough information so that you and your spouse can know the ways to control your emotions. You must also know how to handle the various situations you face while handling your kids.

Post-partum Depression

Post-partum depression of your wife may be another problem you may come across. But you should not allow this to spoil the health of your relationship. You should seek professional help if you think that the situation warrants it. Transparent discussions and understanding the problem of your wife may do a world of good in maintaining healthy marriages.

Increased Household Expenses

When you have children, your household expenses are bound to increase. Therefore, you should plan ahead so that your relationship with your spouse does not get strained. Budgeting the household expenses and saving for the future will help in bringing up the children in the right manner. 

Positive Impact of Having Children

When a child is born, your love for your spouse is likely to increase. In fact, you may see the replica of your spouse or even yourself in the children. So, you will remember your spouse whenever you see the child. Your love for your spouse may therefore increase.

To summarize, though findings of certain studies reveal that couples without children are able to maintain happy and healthy marriages, the fact is that children pave way for strengthening the relationship between spouses. So, it is not necessary that couples should avoid having children under the impression that it is essential for healthy marriages.

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