Boosting Self-esteem in Boys

The number of children lacking self esteem seems to be increasing. This includes both boys and girls. Many people believe that boys are not likely to lose their self esteem. This is wrong because they can also feel depressed and directionless. So, there are chances of boys losing their self esteem also. 

We come across boys who are bright in their studies but they seem to think that there is no use in being studious or in being bright in their classrooms. Perhaps, they are watching the prevailing competition in every field and since they are not confident of succeeding in such an environment, they lose their self esteem. In the case of certain other boys, they may not be doing well in their studies or they may not be able to set any goals in their lives. These factors may contribute to the loss of their self esteem.

What Should Teachers Do

There are a number of teachers who commit the mistake of comparing their students. This hampers the confidence of the boys who face this comparison. Instead of getting positive results, such comparisons may sap the confidence of these boys and so, they may lose their self-esteem.

In certain schools, only bright students are admitted and in certain other schools, both bright students and average students study. It is the duty of the teachers to focus on the average students and make them perform as well as the bright students. But at the same time, they should make sure that the bright students are monitored also so that they do not lose their track.

The whole process involves a positive approach. Though comparisons may at times fetch good results, it is a negative approach. Most of the times, comparisons may spell doom for the not-so-bright children. Teachers will do well if they stop making comparisons and instead, opt to motivate and encourage these average children so that their self esteem and self confidence levels get a boost.

Role of Parents

Parents also commit the mistake of comparing their boys with children of the neighbors or other co-students of the schools in which their boys are studying. In fact, parents go a step further and set very high standards or high goals for their boys.

The best suggestion is that parents should assess the capabilities of their boys and set reasonable goals for them. Boys should be able to achieve these goals. Another point to remember is that parents should appreciate even small successes of their boys. By doing so, they will give a boost to their self esteem. Encouraging words and appreciation may motivate these boys to accomplish greater feats.

Role of Friends

Friends should stand by the boys who have a low self esteem. If they desert them, the condition of these boys may worsen. In fact, good friends should act as a bridge between these boys and their parents as well as teachers. They should be able to provide the right type of information about these boys to the parents and teachers so that they can modify their strategies suitably for dealing with these boys.

How Parents Should Modify Their Strategies

Parents should give these boys choices. For example, when these boys want to play when parents want them to study, parents should ask them if they will study after about 30 minutes. This means that they should adopt a patient and flexible approach with these boys. Adopting an autocratic approach may produce negative results and the boys may turn rebellious also.

Parents should learn various strategies to boost the self esteem of their boys. The problem is that there cannot be a uniform approach to this problem. Parents should adopt the right approach that suits their boys for boosting their self esteem.

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