Self-Help Tips for Getting Over Your Anxieties

Anxiety can be highly harmful to your life. Therefore, you should take steps to get rid of the problem in its initial stage itself and not allow it to worsen. Self-help experts suggest a few techniques for tackling anxiety problem.

Techniques To Get Over Anxieties

Understand how Your Brain Functions

Your brain consists of two parts. One is the primitive part in which the amygdala is situated. Primal emotions like fear are generated and processed only in this part. The second part is the neo-cortex or the frontal lobes in which logic is applied to the messages the brain receives. When the brain receives emotions like raw fear also, this part applies educated logic and so, this part can help in reducing the anxiety caused due to these emotions. Therefore, self-help tips for getting over your anxieties necessarily involve use of this logical and sophisticated part of your brain.

Imagine the Extreme And Discuss it With Others

When you experience fear of something, you should imagine the extreme thing that can happen and discuss it with your friends or close relatives. If you discuss these imagined effects with four or five people, the impact of your fear will get reduced to a great extent.

Distract Your Mind

You should try to distract your mind from the thought that induces your fear to something else. Reading an interesting book or watching a movie may help. You can succeed in distracting your mind by always being with good and positive-minded people. Self-help experts firmly believe that distraction technique, if adopted judiciously, can do wonders for reducing anxiety.


One of the most effective techniques for getting over your anxiety is to begin your workout. It is not necessary that you should train like a professional weight-lifter or wrestler. You can do aerobic exercises, brisk walking, jogging, etc. The aim is to forget your worries, fears and anxieties. So, even if you work in the garden, remove the weeds, water the plants and do other gardening tasks, you can succeed in forgetting your fears.

When you do your exercises or indulge in activities like gardening, etc., your brain releases chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin, etc. and also hormones like BDNF. ┬áIt has been proved that when secretion of BDNF hormone is reduced, brain’s capacity to learn and remember reduces also. But, exercises can reverse this by inducing secretion of the BDNF hormone.

Eat the Right Foods

If you face anxiety problems frequently, you should immediately check what you eat regularly. If you drink a lot of caffeinated products or if you binge on sweets, you are likely to be affected by anxiety issues. Further, these foods can be harmful to your health also. Hence, you should reduce eating them and instead, opt for what are called ‘power foods’ such as nuts, dark-green-leafy and dark-orange vegetables, soy, legumes, milk, yogurt, citrus, berries, etc.

Meditation and Yoga

Breathing and yogic exercises can also help you to get over anxieties. While doing breathing exercises, you must make sure to breathe from the diaphragm and not from the chest.


You can keep repeating positive suggestions to yourself. Self-help experts firmly believe that you can influence your sub-conscious mind by adopting this technique. If you convince your sub-conscious mind that you must get rid of your fears or anxieties, you will gradually succeed with these self help efforts.

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