Role of Friendship in Healthy Marriages

Marriages are founded on, and stem from friendship. An elemental part of any healthy marriage, friendship brings in common ground, companionship, and a bond that is strong enough to stand the test of time.

Over the years, friendship shared between couples in healthy marriages can begin to deteriorate. Everyday trials and anxieties such as, issues faced at work, building of finances, caring for the children, begin to ship at the very foundation of marriage; friendship. It is vital to keep renewing your bond as friend with your spouse, to maintain a healthy marriage. Here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction.

Have fun with your friend

A big decision like getting married needn’t change the dynamic you shared with your now spouse and then best friend. Maintain all that deeper connection you shared with your spouse. Remember you’ll were friends first, and like all friendships you must dedicate time to enjoying and celebrating all that made you’ll good friends.

Spend time doing something the both of you’ll would before the many obligations of married life came into the picture. This will help preserve your healthy marriage.

Open doors to understanding

Friendship is based on mutual understanding and a healthy marriage depends on strong friendship. Love although a critical component is never enough. Commit to your partner in totality; ask yourself if your friend delivers on being a healthy balanced individual, one you look forward to spending your life with.

Engage in common interests

Renew your friendship with your spouse by actively participating in common interest activities together. Go hiking through the forest or run a marathon together. Attend plays or movies with other friends as well.

Focus cultivating interests more form the perspective of long term friends rather than a married couple. Building on your friendship will restore and establish your healthy marriage with your spouse.

Stand by your friend

Find meaning in the relationship you’ll share as friends together. Through thick and thin, friendship in a healthy marriage goes a long way. Open your heart to the qualities that attracted you to your friend in the first place.

Stick by your commitments and your friends. Even though you might not agree about everything, stick by your friend. Let your guard down; let your spouse back into your emotional life.

Enjoy time with your friend

Even if it just spending time watching a show, game or movie together. Make it a point to spend time with your spouse. See yourselves as friends first, and as friends talk about all your troubles along with sharing a hearty laugh with your pal as well. Being best friends before you marry also opens doors to communication and acceptance that can never be shut again.

The best part about getting into a healthy marriage with your most cherished friend is the inability to give up on your relationship together. Fight for your right to keep being as tight a team as you used to be, before everything else.

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