Relationship Between Teen Depression and Self-Esteem of Teenagers

You may be wondering how teen depression can affect self-esteem. Let us examine this carefully. Once you reach your teenage, you are slowly becoming independent and you may start assuming that you know what is right and what is wrong. In fact, you may start taking responsibility for your choices also. Only if you have self-esteem, you will make the right choices. Otherwise, your choices may turn out to be wrong.

The problem is that teen depression may kill self-esteem and so, you may not have the courage to make your decisions or you may refuse to be individualistic. When you witness peer-pressure, it will add to your problems. Though you may wish to be a part of a group, you may not succeed in your efforts because you are afraid of making decisions. This may worsen the teen depression problem you already have. Your self-esteem will further be robbed. This becomes a vicious cycle.

How Teen Depression May Make You Join Wrong Groups

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you wish to belong to a group but, since teen depression may not allow you to make the right choices, you may join a wrong group. A wrong decision or joining a wrong group may ruin your life. For example, if you take to drinking due to pressure from your group, you may spoil your health and if you commit the mistake of driving your vehicle when you are drunk, it may lead to accidents and grave injuries.

If you succumb to peer-pressure and indulge in unwanted sexual activities, there are chances of getting entangled in unnecessary problems. There are dangers like affliction by infections or sexually-transmitted-diseases. If you join with the group and indulge in illegal activities, you may be convicted also. Above all, joining a wrong group may spoil your education and this may deprive you of success in your life.

If you lose your self-esteem due to teen depression, you may not only hurt yourself but may cause grief to others also through your words and actions. Especially, your parents, close relatives and friends may have to bear the brunt of your behavior or your verbal onslaughts.

How to Build Self-Esteem?

Assess Your Weaknesses and Strengths

You must make an honest assessment of yourself and understand your weaknesses as well as strengths.

You are Not the Only One Who Has Weaknesses

You must realize that everyone has weaknesses and hence, there is no necessity to feel for them. If you think you can correct your weaknesses, you must make sincere efforts to get rid of them. If you think that you need the help of others, you must not hesitate to seek such help. It is wrong to think that seeking help exposes your weakness. You should be proud of your mental strength because you have mustered courage to admit of your weakness and seek help.

Never Compare Yourself with Others

There is no necessity for you to compare yourself with your peers. Every individual is different and comparing yourself with others may prevent you from building your self-esteem.

Importance of Setting Achievable Goals

When you set goals, you must be realistic. If you set goals that cannot be achieved, chances of failure and disappointment are more. This may add to your frustration and be an impediment to self-esteem-building efforts.

Celebrate Your Successes

Even when there are small achievements, you must appreciate yourself. When you celebrate small victories, you will be enthused to achieve more.

If you succeed in building your self-esteem, you will start making good choices and this will pave the way for bigger successes in your life.

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