Psychology Related Movies to Watch

When you are bored of chick flicks, running around a tree romance or the regular run of the mill action hero movie, what you just might need is a good psychological thriller. Exciting and informative they are just the best to keep the movie buff in you satisfied. For many, psychology related films are the first pick because of their intelligent interesting content. 

Why watch psychology centered movies?

As just said these movies are interesting and provided you with some intelligent insights into the depths of the complex labyrinths of human mind. Certain movies in this genre are really a big treat for all your senses. Take for instance ‘A beautiful mind’ based on the brilliant schizophrenic mathematician John Forbes Nash. It is one of the best movies ever made and highly recommended for all psychology students. Another movie ‘snake pit’ is also interesting. It is a take on how mental health care actually used to function. Just chew on this, a bunch of mentally ill and highly unstable people are kept together in a single room to facilitate cure, based on an ancient Greek theory.

Best psychology movies of all times

There are many gems in this category and really hard to pick and rank. If you want to catch a good movie based on multiple personality disorder, then go for Sybil. Brilliantly made this tragic movie shows the journey of a girl being subjected to the perils of this disease by irreplaceable childhood trauma. There are certain movies which give you a lot to relate to. For example there is the ‘The Butterfly Effect’; though it is a fictional story about a boy who can rewrite memories, this movie tells you how important social structure is, and how can people around you have lasting impact on your lives and personalities. This is where psychology comes into the forefront, it either makes or breaks.

Murders, mysteries and more

Who can forget Dr Hannibal, saying calmly ‘I am having a friend for dinner’? Yes, ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is a truly unforgettable movie and highly recommended for anyone who is into meaningful cinema. It will chill you with numbness in certain moments. Antisocial personality disorder has never been depicted to this perfection. The hunt down of the serial killer buffalo bill is a fascinating watch. Or you could watch ‘primal fear’ a movie that revolves round the murder of an Archbishop on the hands of one altar boy. It is about faith, belief and more with some power packed acting from Richard Gere.

And the list continues

There are many brilliant movies in the genre of psychology based movies and it is really difficult to pick a few. The movie ‘black swan’ is also awesome because of its tight plot, the underlying tension and the dark corners of human psyche, brilliantly portrayed by Natalie Portman in the role of a lifetime. Whatever your choice might be, watching a psychology related movie is one of the best ways to spend an engrossed Sunday afternoon.

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