Interesting Psychology Facts

Psychology is an immensely interesting subject and a very rewarding one too. It not only helps you develop an insight about other human beings, but enables to understand yourself better too. Being a pro in the matters of mind makes you a wizard of words, a thoughtful person whom people around look up to. These are the things that prompt us to study on and about psychology. Let us discuss some interesting fun facts about psychology you never thought would be there! 

The mind traveler

You might be sitting in your car, caught in a traffic jam, and thinking of a birthday party that happened in high school. You can recollect the exact texture of the cake that was smeared on your face or that perfect gift your classmates gave. But never for once do you think of the honking car or the traffic ahead. That is the power of mind; it wanders from one thought to another, swiftly and without any trouble. The power of mind is such that you are removed temporarily from the surroundings, lost in thought. It is always active, and your brain doesn’t sleep even when you do!

Multitasking myth

Our mind is not a magician and it cannot multitask, it can concentrate on only only job or piece of work at a time, one that is in hand, and you cannot focus on more than one job at a time. Yes you may be able to redirect your attention from one job to another in a quick span of time but you simply cannot do both at the same time with high level of precision.

Reader’s digest

It is often advised to take up book reading as a hobby from early days, ever wondered why? Reading proves true many of the most powerful manifestations of human psychology. Take for your instance your favorite book, when you close your eyes do you see the favorite character in flesh? I bet you do. Because when we read, visualizing the scene is the most common thing.

We even anticipate the words that we read, and this is reason why you could decipher a sentence or paragraph full of spelling mistakes. Human psychology is also more inclined towards book s in prints, paperbacks. We like holding the book, smelling in the old book smell, running a finger down its spine thoughtfully!

Tapping the power within

Certain facts about psychology help you to travel through daily survival with more success. For instance did you know that synchronous activities actually increase the bonding between groups? Or the feeling of progress motivates the mind to complete a task much faster? What is needed is the initial kick start. You can remember up to 3-4 things at a time so prioritizing intelligently is the first need. Focus and confidence is the two most important things to be associated to success. Psychology related facts are interesting to go through and helpful in building of a perspective.

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