Parenting Tips: When Raising a Teenage Daughter

No easy task, raising a teenage daughter is a formidable enterprise that requires a great deal of patience and understanding from both parents alike, though especially from mum. The ability to communicate openly and share thoughts with your child is of vital importance. Things can get pretty rough with raging adolescent hormones around the house. The important thing to remember is that, this too shall pass. However, here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind when the going gets tough. 

Keep calm and carry on

Mood swings are very common with teenagers, especially adolescent girls. Coping with raging hormones, might bring you to rage out. Regardless of how irrational things might get, keeping a calm and steady frame of mind, while your daughter goes bananas, is very important. Be attentive to what factors trigger her behavior and create distractions accordingly. Shifting focus from what bothers her to something more positive and productive will bring in a more stable and structured approach to dealing with these situations.

Power through rough times

Teenage girls can make living a formidable task at times. She might resort to reticent behavior and try shutting you out completely. Avoid making mountains of mole hills by giving your teenage daughter by respecting her space and privacy. Pushing children in to following what you think is best, backfires most of the time. Take it slow and easy and non-reactive in situations that might cause you to react drastically. Let her know that you’re there to support her through confusing times, forcing your help and on to her isn’t the most constructive approach to dealing with apprehensive teens.

Get reasonable

Teenage girls think they know it all, and project an attitude that says the same. Being reasonable with your child, especially when they fight you on advice that’s good for them is a way to get them to hear you out. Avoid approaching her aggressively or badgering her into accepting your view of things. Let her take her time to realize your worth in worldly experience. Working together with your teenage daughter, instead of against her, will ease into a more conducive and wholesome environment at home.

Welcome change

Teenage years are full of experimentation with identity and lifestyle. Your teenage daughter might want to try things you would not even consider in a million years. It’s important you give her the freedom she much desires by allowing her to follow whatever idea of self she might have in mind. As long as it isn’t an activity that will cause her harm and detriment her future, give her the go ahead. Trusting your daughter to do the right thing by her conscience is vital to building a healthy relationship with your teen.

Always be prepared

As a nurturing parent you need to keep in mind that your teenage daughter is constantly influenced by those around her. Letting her know the repercussions of getting involved with negative influences that hamper growth is vital. She might put up a fight, but be firm and guide her through realizing that you have her best interests at heart. Giving her valid examples from your life might help get her to understand where you come from.

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