Parenting Tips Of Preventing Cyber-bullying

It is no secret that parents have a tough task ahead to deal with issues relating to their children. This is more so with the development of cyber-bullying. Often kids spend a lot of time online. Hence, they run the risk of becoming a victim of cyber-bullying. However, you can get rid of this modern issue by following these parenting tips.

Tips for preventing cyber-bullying

1. List down guidelines for socializing with individuals in real-life that also applies for socializing on the internet or by means of mobile phones. Show your child that cyber-bullying inflicts damage and also results in problems in the real world and online.

2. Ensure the school offers Internet Safety educational programs in place. This should not exclusively cover the dangers of sexual predators, but also ways to avoid and react to online peer harassment, communicate prudently through social networking sites, and participate in sensible and moral online communications.

3. Teach your kids regarding proper Web-based behaviors. Tell them the issues that may be generated when technology is taken advantage of (e .g, damaging their reputation, getting in trouble with the police or at school).

4. Developing proper technology use is an important parenting tip for curbing cyber-bullying. Don’t harass and joke about other people while on the web, particularly around your kids. Don’t message when driving a vehicle. Your children are observing and learning.

5. Another parenting tip is to track your child’s actions when they are on the internet. You can do this informally (by means of active involvement by guiding your child’s on-line experience) and also formally (by means of software). Use judgment while spying on your children. This may result in a lot more harm than good, if your kids think their privacy is violated. They might go totally hidden with their web-based behaviors and purposely try to conceal their behavior from you.

6. Employ filtering and blocking software as an element of a comprehensive method to internet safety. However, realize that software applications alone cannot keep children secure or stop them from bullying other people or surfing unacceptable material. Many tech-savvy children may find out techniques around filters quickly.

7. Check out warning signals that let you know when something unusual is going on with regards to their technology usage. If your kids get withdrawn or their net use turns into passionate, they might either be a target or a perpetrator of cyber-bullying.

8. Use a “Cell Phone Use Contract” and “Internet Use Contract” to promote a crystal-clear understanding as to what is acceptable and what is not with regards to the usage of communication technology. To point out the child of this pledged dedication, post these contracts in a highly visible place.

9. Nurture and sustain an open, genuine type of communication with your kids so that they are prepared and ready to consult you every time they encounter something uncomfortable or upsetting on the web. Sufferers of cyber-bullying (and the onlookers who notice it) should know for sure that the grown ups who they inform will get involved rationally without make the situation worse.

10. Educate and strengthen constructive morals and values on how other people need to be treated with respect and dignity.

Final words

Coping with cyber-bullying is not an easy task. Still, it is possible to get rid of this herculean task by exercising wisdom and diligence. Follow these parenting tips, and you will be able to get rid of cyber-bullying.

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