Parenting: Taking out Time for Children

Working parents have it the hardest. In between driving a career, running a household, as well as taking time out to spend quality time with the children. At times the list might seem interminable, and most times it is. However, maximizing on quality time spent with the kids will make up for the many hours you’ve missed out on working in the thick of it all. Here are some tips for busy moms to better guide your precious time with the children.

Be attentive and present

Being attentive is a great way to go about relating better with your child, when spending time with them, attend to their feelings. Focus on your child alone during these prized one on one hour. Sure work and its demands might creep up into the membrane ever so often, though push those niggling thoughts aside and concentrate solely on your children and give them your dedicated attention and love.

Chart fun times together

Several busy parents end up having to make time for their children. If it comes down to having to schedule time in your list of things to do in the day, make spending quality time with your children a priority. Make a fun agenda to share with your child, be particular about how you would like to spend time with your child. Pick activities the both of you will enjoy together. Interactive activities work best for parent and child, meeting with other children in playgroups or finding a fun exercise where you’ll are both engaged and occupied is the best.

Fix routine activities

Your child will be delighted to spend regular fixed hours on a daily basis. Establishing routine activities with your child will help them form a more grounded idea of structured living. Spending time with your kid during bath time or reading them a story before bed time will give them a feeling of security, comfort and stability. Apart from building a great base to systematic and well-regulated living, you can enhance mundane experiences by having fun with your child during these times.

Make it a point to attend events at school

School events and programs are important to your child, taking the time to see them perform in the school play or heading the debate team will give them the added support and confidence. Being an active participant in your child’s life by helping them practice their lines for the play, helping them with costumes and material will develop a deeper bond with your child.

Enjoy family vacations

Taking time off from work to spend quality family time is the best thing you can do to better integrate familial living. Take a short trip to places that you would all enjoy as a team. Have fun activities and planned along the way, if it has a road trip on the way. It doesn’t have to be an over the top extravagant time with your family, even a simple getaway for a short period of time would suffice. The idea of spending fun and enjoyable times together should be priority. 

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