Healthy Marriages: Laughter in Marriages

Laughter is the best medicine and a universal cure for all tempers. Universally agreed on, the best times in life are when you’re having a laugh. What better than to share a laugh with the person you love! 

Sharing a common sense of humor with your spouse is crucial to maintaining a healthy marriage. Opening yourself up to a shared measure of humor in your marriage will renew bonds and make light of daily stresses.

Laugh everyday

Cracking up over silly events that happen in your day, no matter how long and tiring, with your spouse will improve undoubtedly improve your relationship. A good hearty laugh will rid of anxieties of the day, apart from bringing you closer to your spouse adding to your healthy marriage.

A couple that laughs together, generally stays together. Let loose with your spouse about hilarious things that happen during the day.

Share healthy banter

A great way of getting your gray cells working, in addition to having a fun time; banter lightens the soul and warms the cockles of your heart. Have fun with your partner, playful banter, without being hostile will get your healthy marriage on happy tracks.
Reminiscing about happy fun times you shared as a couple, or making new happy memories will double your chances of facing adversity with a smile.

Look for laughter

Sometimes situations could be rather abrasive, leaving very little to be happy about. Choosing to look the other way, or even better to make light and share a laugh over a situation that might otherwise annoy, is the best course.

Before getting deeply committed with someone who doesn’t share a similar sense of humor with you, building a healthy marriage is near impossible with someone who struggles with the lighter side of things.

State your funny bone

Knowing what get you rolling on the floor laughing will help define a permissible line in funnies between you and your spouse. There’s a big difference between laughing with and being laughed at. Laughing with your spouse puts the ‘fun’ in the fundamentals of a healthy marriage. Whereas, being laughed at is at times insulting and demeaning, to say the least.

Create fun where there’s none

The best way to work through a sticky situation is to laugh your way through it, especially together as a couple. Research shows that couples who share a common sense of humor are better equipped and far more capable at handling difficult situations.

Humor also makes for fun couples activities like fixing incredibly hilarious costumes to themed parties, or playing innocent pranks on each other, to name a few. Humor can liven up any drab and boring day, making every single day an interesting adventure shared with your spouse and mate for life.

Laughter works on several levels; it releases tension and stress, thus making for healthier living conditions. Working both physically as well as mentally, laughter eases negativity and brings about a more pleasant and upbeat way of life. Definitive reinforcement to any healthy marriage, humor usually saves the day.

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