Parenting Programs for Reducing Problematic Behavior in Kids

All parents wish and desire what is good for their children. Although not a single parent understands ways to offer their child with the resources to do well, or even ways to assist them stay away from the greatest adolescent behavior problems: substance use, school dropout, delinquency, pregnancy and also violence. These types of issues can impact children throughout their life. Thankfully, you can deal with most of these issues by opting for relevant parenting programs that are especially effective at helping parents and children at all risk levels avoid adolescent behavior problems that affect not only individuals, but entire communities. 

Need for parenting programs

The programs developed by well known researchers are useful and tested on an array of families in varied settings. All five programs are in line with the Social Development Model, which emphasizes on cultivating and promoting skills, opportunities, rewards for positive social behaviors, bonding and clear expectations for behavior. The programs consist of altering known risk issues like weak parental administration and higher family conflict, and exhibit children exactly what “normal” family behavior may resemble. The programs even have scientific proof demonstrating that they give good results.

Nurse-Family Partnership

This particular program deploys registered nurses to go to young, first-time, single mothers no less than once every two weeks during their very first pregnancy and until their kid is 2 years old. Nurses assist expecting mothers reduce drinking, smoking and drug use. After the kid is born, nurses assist moms to set up secure environments for their kids and build techniques for coping with difficult behaviors.

Positive Parenting Program

It is a versatile program that targets five main goals: encouraging secure and participating environments, developing constructive learning environments, utilizing helpful discipline, generating clear and practical expectations and self-care for mom and dad.

The Incredible Years

The program instructs kids ages 3-6, their mom and dad and teaches know-how and techniques for dealing with challenging circumstances. Parents take part in group sessions; youngsters indulge in therapist-led group sessions that help them cultivate skills like making friends, problem solving and cooperating with others.

In Strengthening Families Program

The program is meant for Moms and dads and youngsters 10-14. Parents get familiar with risk factors for substance use, parent-child binding,effects of not following parental recommendations, and ways to handle anger and family discrepancy. Their children learn about effective communication, problem solving, and ways to withstand peer pressure.

Staying Connected with Your Teen

It assists children 12-17 years old stay away from drug use, risky sexual activity and violent behavior. The program aids parents set up solid norms with their teenager against antisocial behavior by improving parental monitoring, minimizing severe parenting, and rewarding teenagers to encourage family bonding.

Closing words

It is hoped that local policymakers will pay attention to these and other scientifically-tested parenting programs as they discuss investments in child and adolescent resources. Investing in children is very important parenting responsibility, before negative outcomes cost society more in the form of law enforcement, prisons, and mental and physical treatment programs.

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