How Teen Depression Can Lead To Suicide

It goes without saying that anxiety and teen depression is gaining ground among majority of teenagers. Bullying, ragging, low self confidence etc are some of the common causes that contribute to depression and anxiety. Getting a bit anxious is not an issue; almost every individual gets excited at some time or the other. However, getting too much anxious can pose health risks. This is certainly true in the case of teenagers who are inexperienced about the real world. A little bit of anxiety can trigger multiple problems. Some victims of teen depression even go to the extent of committing suicide.


Many teens tend to get depressed due to hopelessness. Most of them believe that there is nothing left for them in their life. A few instances of failures make them too much depressed and hopeless. In such a scenario, it is important to hire a counselor or life coach to handle the situation. Unfortunately, many teens do not take this vital step. Most of the teens do not share their issues with anybody and go on to end their precious life.


Some teenagers get depressed due to fear centered on a particular situation. Such teens think that they will be killed if a particular situation keeps on repeating in their life. Persistent feeling of fear often makes youngsters lose their patience. Some even think that ending their life is the best way to get way with the fear factor. Such individuals believe that ending their life is a better option to living with fear. Instead of combating the condition in the right way, these individuals give up their life and embrace death.

Lack of support

Many teenagers live alone; some don’t have anyone in their relationship, whereas others are living in a hostel far away from their parents. Similarly, certain teenagers do not communicate with their parents and loved ones due to one or the other reason. No matter the reason for living alone, a sense of lack of support from loved ones often causes teen depression. Such teens begin to think that there is no one in the world with whom they can share their issues and address their problems for betterment. Out of sheer lack of support, these youngsters end their valuable life for no good reason.

Final words

Thus, serious levels of anxiety and teen depression can be the primary cause of suicides in teenagers these days. However, it is possible to get away with this trying and challenging condition by communicating with your child on a regular basis. Find out whether your child is getting over anxious and depressed. If yes, speak with him, and hire a counselor who can assist your teen to get out of such conditions which may trigger suicidal attempt in your teen. Remember a little diligence on your part can avoid your child from taking that extreme step which will bring you misery for life. So, stay alert and find out whether your child is experiencing anxiety and depression, and help him to overcome teen depression.

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