Love, Teen Depression and Social Media

The recent article that was published in “The Atlantic” giving details of the prevailing trend among teens is alarming. This article explains the links between the social media and teen depression.

Glorifying Self-Harming Is Wrong

According to this article, teenagers and especially girls create blogs on Tumblr with an aim to glorify things like self-harm, anorexia, suicide, etc. These blogs attract a good amount of traffic that consists mainly of teens who take pride in showing images of the cuts they themselves have inflicted on their arms, legs, etc.

These young people may not have been affected by teen depression at all but they think that it is both a romantic idea and beautiful sadness to harm themselves, though it is not.

The Images Posted May Not Be Real

The images posted may not be real because nowadays, with the advanced technology, it is easy to take such pictures. Perhaps, the teens who have posted these images may want to earn the love, pity and compassion of others. But unfortunately, these images may misguide those who are really having a teen depression issue. These affected teens are already vulnerable and they may be looking for recognition, love and pity. They may believe these images and may get misguided. So, they may adopt the same approach of those teens who may have posted such images because the promise of being pitied may tempt them. They may really harm themselves for earning such pity.

Social Media And Teen Depression

There is no denying the fact that due to various reasons, teens may get depressed. Experts opine that social media may contribute to teen depression. Social media can help these teens also because these networking sites are considered by teens as tools for coping with their depression. They chat online and discuss with other teens and find solace because they feel connected. Further, they can choose those teens who are not judgmental so that they can be reassured that they can get over the depression issue over a period of time. They may not feel empty or may not feel the pain when they connect with like-minded people.

Since social media networks are very easily accessible, these young people with teen depression issue can use these networking sites purposefully. But, the romantic idea of experiencing the “beautiful sadness” of self-harming is highly disturbing. There are chances of teens with depression becoming victims and experiencing eventual suffering by believing such funny and dangerous ideas.

Parents’ Role

But, experts firmly believe that these teens can be treated of their depression. In fact, treatment should necessarily be given to these teens. So, the images they see on sites should not be allowed to negatively impact the treatment that is being given to them or that is contemplated. Parents have a big role to play for treating these teens. They should seek the help of a competent psychologist who has experience in treating such vulnerable teens.

Some of these young ones who have been affected by teen depression may show reluctance to undergo treatment. Parents should somehow make sure that an appointment is fixed with a competent psychologist so that the psychologist will be able to evaluate the condition of these affected teens. The psychologist will then decide what type of therapy should be given and how the teens can be treated.

Simply put, these victims of teen depression need help and suitable treatment and so, parents should act on time.

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