Link between Teen depression and Casual Sex

A recent study confirms that teen depression and casual sex have strong links. This is highly dangerous and can affect the lives of these depressed young people. It appears that this phenomenon has all the ingredients and possibilities to make it into a vicious cycle. In short, those teens who have depression issues are more susceptible to have casual sex and this in turn, will aggravate their depression issues.

The study that was conducted by the State University at Ohio also establishes that this phenomenon is common for males as well as females. But, researchers are not very much certain and clear about the reasons for the links between depression in these teens and the casual sex they are susceptible to have.

Confessions Of Depressed Teens

Earlier studies have also revealed that those teens who indulge in such casual sex may have strong depression symptoms. The recent research conducted at Ohio analyzed data pertaining to more than 10,000 people and these individuals were asked questions focused on their sex or romantic life and mental health. Nearly 30% of the individuals who were questioned confessed that they indulged in casual sex.

Researchers have found out that those individuals who have serious depression issues including suicidal thoughts are more prone to have casual sex than other normal people.

Casual Sex May Deteriorate Mental Health

But, the unfortunate result of this phenomenon is that there will be deterioration of their mental problems if they indulge in casual sex. Especially, teens or young adults who have had casual sex can be seriously affected because they may not only be affected by more serious depression issues but may have suicidal thoughts as well.

Every time these teens have casual sex, their thoughts and suicidal ideas increase by about 18%. This means that there appears to be a cyclical pattern that shows links between casual sex and teen depression. This clearly shows that if these teens continue with this behavior, there will be serious deterioration of their mental health.

Parents’ Role

Therefore, parents and teachers should identify those adolescents and teens who have been affected by depression or who are prone to have mental health problems and give them suitable counseling so that they do not indulge in the dangerous and risky practice of having casual sex. Parents should intervene at the right moment or much earlier and take appropriate steps to save the lives of these teens.

Researchers are not able to establish the cause-and-effect relationships between teen depression and casual sex. This is what makes everyone think that this problem resembles more of a vicious cycle.

Parents should not forget that teen depression itself is a major problem. If casual sex is an additional problem, it may jeopardize the life of the young ones. Parents should therefore learn more about teen depression issues and if they observe that their teens have strong depression symptoms, they should not delay the treatment process.

The Role Of The Psychologists

They should fix an appointment with a competent psychologist who may evaluate the condition of the teens and give appropriate treatment. The doctor will impress upon these teens that having casual sex will not provide them with the right benefits and such solutions may rather aggravate their problem.

In short, if parents take timely action, they can make a world of difference to the lives of these teen depression affected children.

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