Injured Children – Sign of Bad Parenting

If children get injured, it is not necessary that you as a parent are doing a bad job at guiding your child. It is true that a few parents are not smart enough to keep a close watch on their kids while playing. This may result in injuries to the children. At the same time, even if parents are very alert, they may sometimes not be able to control injuries. This means injured children cannot be construed as a sign of bad parenting

How parents should protect their children

There are parents who are highly protective of their children. They will not allow their children to play with other kids. They may not take the kids to the parks or public places because they are afraid that the kids may be affected by infections or pollution. This is a wrong approach. Children want to have independence although they are dependent on their parents. If parents do not allow them to play or enjoy their lives, there are chances of they developing phobias.

Another problem protective parents may face is that these children can turn rebellious in future. Their bottled-up emotions may explode and they may start questioning the wisdom of their parents.

The right approach is to give kids sufficient independence and at the same time, protect them from potential dangers. This may be easy to preach but parents may find it difficult to practice this. In fact, there are no rule books that can be followed for doing the right type of parenting. Every parent should adopt a common-sense approach for grooming and protecting their children.

What is this common-sense approach?

While allowing children to play and indulge in all sorts of activities, parents should mentally take charge of the situation. This means that they should be alert and watchful. This is because no one can deny the fact that potential dangers do exist everywhere. So, chances of children getting injured are quite high. Unless parents are watchful, they cannot prevent such injuries from happening.

Health laws

There are certain health laws that parents should follow for safeguarding their children from potential injuries and their aftermath. Young kids may not have as much immunity as adults, parents should take appropriate steps for enhancing their immunity levels. A research finding says that if children are not exposed to infections, pollution, injuries, their immunity levels may never get enhanced.

This does not mean that parents should purposely keep their children in unclean environments or in places where there are possible injury threats. But, if parents make a lot of fuss about infections or injuries, they are doing more harm to their children. Though they should not allow or expose their kids to infections, it is not necessary that they should be very much protective.

Children are bound to get injured when they play, run or indulge in all types of mischievous things. Parents should take only the necessary and minimum precautions and should not make a fuss.

Benefits of enhancing immunity

If the level of immunity is enhanced in children, parents need not be afraid that the kids will fall ill because the body or the system of the children will fight the infections successfully. Experts also suggest that parents should stop administering anti-biotics to children. They should instead provide them with foods that contain probiotics so that they can have good immunity from infections caused by injuries. This is good parenting.

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