How to Become a Champ at Parenting

Parenting is not taught in any educational institution nor can parenting skills be acquired by imitating others. The sobering truth is that every human being is unique and this includes your child as well. A study says that if you want to have a 100 percent similar child like the one you have now, the chances are one in 300,000 billions which means that it can never happen. Therefore, the ways that should be adopted for parenting should also differ from one child to another.

But if you adopt certain general principles, you can be considered a champ in parenting. These general principles are based on common sense and they are not taught at any university or school. Let us have a quick look.

Set an example

You should never forget the fact that the child is always watching you. You should do only those things that you will allow your child to do. You should not preach something and do just the opposite. The problem is that you may face a number of occasions during which you may have to decide immediately and act.

Shower your love but do not pamper

Experts never say that you should not shower love on your child. But you should not pamper the child by being lenient, lowering expectations and getting them whatever they want without even pausing to think if those things will be useful for them or not.

Be involved

As a parent, you may be concerned with the life of your child. This means that you should involve in every aspect in the life of the child. You should never forget the fact that your children are completely dependent upon you. After attaining teenage, children may spend more time with their friends but even then, they may be dependent upon parents. In fact, they may be longing for the company and love of their parents.

Study your child’s nature and change your parenting style

You must change the style of your parenting according to the nature of your child. That is the reason you are advised not to imitate other parents for handling your child. You may have to change the style of parenting according to the age of the child also. This means that you may have to keep changing the style as the child grows up.

Have clear-cut rules

You should establish clear-cut rules and apart from that, you should stick to the rules. For example, if you allow your child to go with his or her friends, you should insist that he or she should return before the time you specify. If there is any delay, the child should call and intimate to you.

Give independence

As children grow up, they may expect a certain degree of independence. You should not be very much protective and prevent them from involving in those activities in which any child may wish to participate. If you do not give them such independence, they may be offended. The best suggestion can be to give them freedom and have a watchful eye on them.

How to discipline children

Harsh ways for disciplining children may produce negative results. Children may become aggressive if you adopt such ways. It is only by speaking encouraging and motivating words, you should make children understand the concept of discipline. You can make them understand the rules or decisions you have set also by adopting this approach.

If you follow these suggestions, you can certainly become a champ at parenting.

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