Impact of Social Media on Your Psychology

In this modern technology era, more and more people are using social media sites to interact and socialize with each other. No matter where you live, you can befriend like minded people within minutes via social sites. Making friends, chatting, sharing your views etc have become common features of social media sites. However, these elements have a great impact on the psychology of internet savvy people who spend a lot of time on social sites commenting and expressing their view and comments.

Positive impact of social media on your psychology

The act of blogging and commenting brings people close to one another. In the positive perspective, this can be of great help to share your problems and seek a possible solution to ease your problems. Many folks get possible solutions to their nerve racking problems on social sites which they do not find elsewhere. In this respect, social sites have proved to be a boon to human beings.

Similarly, by integrating and chatting with each other, people feel more connected with their far way friends as well as with their close relatives. Today where most of the people live alone, this can be very handy to get rid of loneliness. In fact, many people who live alone find a reason to live a happy life by socializing and befriending folks on the World Wide Web. Thus, you can easily cope up with loneliness and make a happy family on the web through social sites.

Sites like twitter and facebook can help you to find jobs and career by sharing information. Similarly, you can find products matching your particular needs by interacting with like minded individuals on the web. This is simply not possible offline, especially with strangers.

Negative impact of social media on your psychology

However, there are certain bad effects of social sites on human psychology. Over usage of social media often leads to anti social behavior among young adults and narcissistic tendencies among teenagers. According to a survey, over usage of facebook has caused depression and anxiety among most of the individuals. Folks who have more facebook friends lack social skills in the actual social environment. In reality, folks with more facebook and other social media friends have less real friends in real life.

Besides this, facebook and other social media sites have a negative impact on your learning. Students who spend a lot of time on social sites do not fare better at school. In fact, most of the social sites savvy individuals get low grades in their schools. In addition to this, people who use social sites tend to be less friendly and helpful in the real world.

Final words

Thus, there is positive as well as negative impact of social media on your psychology. Therefore, it is advisable to make a balance between the web world as well as the real world. If used properly in the right perspective, social sites can do wonders for your life. On the other hand, misuse of social sites can have bad effects on your overall life as well as psychology.

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