How Self-esteem Affects Your Career

Self esteem is a term used to reflect an individual’s emotional evaluation of his own worth. It means how a person feels about himself. If a person thinks that he is valuable to the society, he will have a high self esteem. On the other hand, a low self esteem implies that a person thinks that he is useless. Having a feeling of good self is something which drives a person to move forward in his work and personal life. Self-esteem affects your career in many respects.

Consequences of low and healthy self esteem on life

Often folks with low self-esteem are afraid of taking risks and failing. Even a minor failure has a great impact in the life of such people. What these individuals fail to realize is success and failures are a part of life. There s no need to get too much depressed by failures. On the contrary, you need to learn from your past failures to shape a better future.

Folks who understand this fact and think positively move ahead in their career with a new start, and subsequently succeed in landing a better job in the long run. On the other hand, individuals who get too much depressed and carried away by failures tend to be diffident and do not take necessary calculated risks in their work life. As a result, they end up without making significant progress in their work life.

A healthy self esteem goes a long way in enhancing the confidence of a person even in challenging situations. Such individuals take the situation as a challenge and craft their skills in the light of the challenge. As a result, they enjoy an edge over others and move successfully ahead even in a highly competitive work environment. No matter the odds, these individuals move forward and make a success.

Low self esteem acts as a biggest hurdle for the person. Often folks with low self confidence think negatively. They are too much afraid of failures. Hence, they do not bother to take risks fearing failures. As a result, they stay where they are even after years. On the other hand, confident people who have a high morale never fail to assume risk whenever they spot an opportunity to compete and move ahead. These individuals try to adapt to changes and come out with flying colors even in odd situations. The primary reason for their success is they have a positive mindset about their career as well as their future.

Final words

Thus, self-esteem plays a crucial role in deciding the destiny of any individual. If you have a high morale and think better about your own self, you can always accept new challenges and move ahead in your career. However, if you have a low self esteem, you will only wind up without accepting new challenges. Therefore, it is always advisable to think better about your own self and self esteem, have a positive mindset towards life and assume challenging responsibilities in order to make a successful career.

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