How to Re-Build Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a positive psychological phase when you are content with yourself and are convinced of the worthiness that you command. In simple words, self esteem is nothing but being happy with the way you are. It is highly recommended and one of the most important characteristic traits that a person should possess to have a healthy, happy life. The lack of self-esteem could lead to several social and behavioral disorders which can ruin a person’s professional and personal life.

Need of re-building your self esteem

It is easier said than done to maintain a positive outlook always and have high self-esteem. We all face disappointments and defeats in our life in term of professional failures, personal issues, family discontentment, and more. After each such disaster our self-esteem comes crashing down and it is easy to plunge into depression and self hatred. But this has a very adverse effect, because things could go worse when you lack self-esteem. So there is a burning need of re-building your self esteem with full gusto.

Positive thinking

Everyone in this world is unique, and there is bound to be some unique goodness in you which sets you apart from the lot. This is the basic idea with which you have to proceed in the pathway of positive thinking. For starters, think of the good qualities you have. You may look good, sing well or be brilliant academically. It can be anything that has earned you accolades and compliments in past. Those compliments and achievements are the highlights of your life which you have to hold on to for you to survive the difficult times with a high self-esteem, like a true winner.

Regenerating activities

The best way to rebuild your self-esteem is to couple positive thinking with some simple yet effective activities. To begin with, keep yourself busy with activities and hobbies that you like. Remember when you are happy it shows. You should get a style that you feel comfortable to flaunt. Looking and feeling good in your skin is one of the most effective ways of building self-esteem. Cleaning up your home, rearranging the place, and giving it a face-lift is also a good idea. Try and spend more and more time with people who make you feel good about yourself. Doing a favor towards another person also makes you feel great about yourself and gives your self-esteem a boost. Spending some quality lone time, with just you is also considered liberating.

How to hold on to self-esteem

Once you have re-built your self-esteem through positive thinking and a series of self affirming activities, it is also important to maintain that self-esteem and never let it go. This is important because a high self-esteem is often a crucial factor behind a happy and successful life. So don’t get dejected by some minor adversities and remember to proceed on, while believing in yourself.

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