How Does Divorce Affect Your Children?

Divorce, or legal separations between parents have deep and often personality altering effects on children, especially the ones who are big enough to be sensitive towards the stigma. Often tiny tots are blissfully ignorant and so they are shielded from the ill effects of separation. Even then, single parenting has its own deficiencies that crop up during child rearing and can show its effects later on. It is a much accepted fact that legal separation, mutual or not, does not only affect the spouses but leaves behind indelible effect on the children as well.

Underdeveloped social skills and personality

Children from a healthy marriage are naturally more confident and self-assured because of their happy childhood. They are also more balanced because of a family which is loving and intact. On the other hand, children of a divorced couple are more likely to be introvert and self conscious. They feel awkward during family get-togethers, or school excursions . When ever they see healthy marriages and happy children, their sub-conscious mind starts comparing. This could lead to depression and anxiety. These children often struggle to make friends as they lack self-confidence. Extreme care and nurturing is required on the part of both the spouses to keep the children unaffected.

Increase in addictive activities

Sometimes, to fulfil the unmet childhood desires these children create an alternative fantasy world of their own. This could be related to an inclination towards drugs and dopes, or porn movies and dangerous activities. A comparison of statistics shows that children from healthy marriages are less unstable in this regard.

More inclination towards Materialistic possessions

People who see a family disintegrate because of incompatibility between two partners, are very likely to be sceptical about relationships. They find it very hard to trust people and they incline towards materialistic possessions. It is a very common practice for the mother or father to pamper the children with expensive gifts and allowances in lieu of every other thing that they could not provide them with.

Complications in later life

Personality disorders, diminished social skills, and an unhappy demeanor, all these together are a perfect recipe for a complicated and unsatisfying life. It has been noticed that more and more children whose parents are divorced suffer from depression, chronic anxiety, lifestyle problems, and compatibility issues later on. They marry soon, but can seldom hold on to one person. The responsible and caring attitude that a healthy marriage, or for that matter any relationship requires is missing here.

Avoiding a Divorce for the sake of the children

If there are children in the family a couple should seriously rethink the idea of getting a divorce. A permanent effect on the child’s psyche is ensured with a step as huge as this. Maintaining a healthy marriage is the best thing that you can do for your child. Children grow up with their parents as their idol, so a compatible and strong couple has more chances of raising a child who is responsible and strong.

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