How Parents Can Help Their Children With Anxiety

Many parents are worried about the anxieties in their kids. Even though, it is true that all children have anxieties, but in some cases it becomes excessive. Here, parents can help them when they can understand the nature of the inner experience of their kid. Generally, human beings generate anxiety by themselves to signal that a danger is perceived. For instance, if a train approaches, when we are crossing the railway line, we develop anxiety as the risk of nearing train is involved. We immediately react to such a situation with fight defense or coping mechanisms. Here are some tips for parents when they are moving with children with anxiety so that they can be of some help for the development of the kids:

Routines and Structure

Parents having children with anxiety can establish some consistent daily structure and routines. Routines are capable of reducing anxiety as the things become predictable. It will also give a sense of control both to the parents and to the kids. This is because it will be difficult for anxious kids to cope with spontaneous and disorganized lifestyle. You should take care of the fundamental requirements of your anxious child with respect to foods so that fatigue can be avoided.

Establishing a consistent bedtime routine can help your kid to relax gradually and also provide him/her with the opportunities to exercise and this will be helpful in relieving stress. Also, it is essential that you should set a limit for your kid and he/she should also understand the consequences of breaking the limit. Children with anxiety generally feel secured when there are some limits set on inappropriate behaviors.

Help in Identifying Feelings

You can name the different feelings that may be experienced by your kid, so that he/she can identify them. Explain how people show their feeling by words, body languages and through faces. Also, tell him/her that showing the feelings is important so that others can understand.

Provide Opportunities to Communicate

Generally, it will be difficult for the kids to talk about their feelings, particularly when they are asked to do the same. So, parents should watch and listen to them carefully as to when the kid expresses his/her feelings either directly or indirectly through behaviors. At these times, you can acknowledge and accept his/ her feelings through simply reflecting back and refraining by asking questions or providing advice. When the feeling of a kid is disapproved or criticized by a parent, the internal sense of self in the child will be weakened.

Provide Comforting and Soothing Strategies

The best technique that can be followed by parents when dealing with children with anxiety is to provide the right kind of smoothness and comfort to the child. These strategies will provide a sort of comfort and secured feeling to the child that she is safe and is being cared for. Some of the strategies under this category include telling stories, singing, massaging, holding, cuddling, rocking and verbal assurances of love and safety.

To sum up, following some specific set of routines and providing utmost love and care can be helpful when dealing with children with anxiety.

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