How Dysesthesia Leads to Anxiety Issues Affecting Your Psychology

Dysesthesia is not a very common disorder, but if it affects someone, its effects can be serious. Generally, dysesthesia is believed to be a problem with the nervous system. The person affected by this problem may experience anxiety issues and unpleasant sensations like pain, tingling or burning when his or her body is touched. But, in extreme cases, these sensations may occur even without any touch also.

Psychology experts warn that dysesthesia may lead to anxiety issues and if you face the problem of chronic anxiety, it may increase the severity of dysesthesia. So, the only way to treat the problem of dysesthesia is to put a stop to your anxiety.

How To Put A Stop To Your Anxiety

You should not try to manage your anxiety but, should rather try to eliminate or cure anxiety completely. Once you succeed in these attempts, you can live a better life. Almost all the studies have revealed that dysesthesia may cause anxiety issues and vice-versa. So, you must learn fully about anxiety and treat it appropriately

Types of Dysesthesia

Occlusal Dysesthesia

Those who suffer from this problem may have a biting feeling in the mouth.

Cutaneous Dysesthesia

People who have cutaneous dysesthesia may experience pain, tingling or burning sensation when they are touched. Even when someone touches their clothes, they may have these sensations.

Scalp Dysesthesia

For these people, there may be pain, itching or burning in their scalp.

While anxiety issues may cause these types of dysesthesia, it may cause anxiety disorders such as general disorder, obsessive-compulsive-disorder and so on. You may want to know why dysesthesia causes severe anxiety issues.

Why Dysesthesia Causes Anxiety Issues

Chronic Pain

The chronic pain experienced by the affected people may lead to anxiety in them. When they experience pain, it causes stress in their minds. When they experience stress on a continuous basis, they have anxiety issues, that are severe psychological disorders.

Fear Of Diseases

Whether the people have been diagnosed of having this problem or not, they may continuously be living with fear. They may mainly be afraid of the issue that may have affected their health and caused dysesthesia. For example, people who have health issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Lyme Disease and many other similar diseases may fear that they may be affected by more serious ailments. When they constantly fear like this, they are affected by dysesthesia that is nothing but a condition that reminds them of their diseases.

Disruption In The Way Of Life

For those who are affected by dysesthesia, their life is not the same as usual. Their way of living will itself be affected. Psychology experts opine that these people cannot have normal relationships with anyone. They may find it difficult to wear clothes also. They may not even have normal enjoyments. So, they may be unhappy. When there is unhappiness, they may have anxiety issues.

There are many other disorders that cause dysesthesia, but anxiety will invariably be a symptom in them. It is because these disorders cause stress in the brain and brain stress is certain to cause anxiety. So, those who have dysesthesia should understand the problem well so that they can prevent any effect on their psychology.

Taking Professional Help

Continuous research is being done on dysesthesia and subjective studies have revealed that symptoms of this problem are triggered and worsened by anxiety. In fact, anxiety itself is capable of causing the same sensations that are felt due to affliction by dysesthesia, but these sensations may not be very severe. The best advice is that these people should discuss their problem with their doctor for understanding well about what has caused this problem. Only if they understand fully well about the causes that have triggered this problem, they can know how it can be treated and reduce anxiety issues.

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