How Can Schools Help Fight Teen Anxiety

It is the notion of many people that children lead a care-free life. But the reality is that they have anxiety also. Especially, the prevalence of teen anxiety has been on the increase. A study has found out that there are a number of teens who attend their classes with their minds full of anxiety. But schools and teachers can help these teens fight their anxiety problem.

Teens of the present-day world have a lot of responsibilities. They have to compete with their peers in studies and various other activities. Apart from studies and other activities, they face anxiety that may be caused due to bullying or lack of self-confidence.

Both parents and teachers should learn about teen anxiety

Though teens spend a lot of time at home, they spend considerable time at schools also. So, not only parents but teachers should also learn about the problem of teen anxiety. Unless teachers acquire as much information and knowledge about this problem, they may not be able to help those children who have been affected. They should first understand that this problem is mainly due to the internal emotions of these children. But there may be several symptoms that may help teachers identify the problem in the affected children. They should read whatever materials they come across like books and various articles on the Net and know the symptoms that accompany teen anxiety. Some of the common symptoms of this problem are:

Reluctance to attend school

Teens who have been affected by anxiety problem may refuse to attend classes. They will try to find some excuse or the other and avoid going to school. Parents as well as teachers should delve deep and find out the right reason for this reluctance.

Increased dependency on parents

It is true that teens are dependent upon their parents for most of the issues they face. They may seek their advice and suggestions for the problems they encounter. But in teens who have been affected by anxiety problem, teachers may observe increased dependency or rather excessive reliance on their parents. These children may even refuse to partake in fun activities and cling to their parents.

Frequent occurrences of nightmares

Nightmares are common in children and teens. But children with teen anxiety issue will experience more frequent nightmares due to which the quality of their sleep may be affected.  Teachers should ask parents if there are issues like this because this can be a vital symptom that indicates the problem of anxiety in teens.

Low levels of confidence

Teen anxiety will decrease self-confidence in the affected teens. These children may not have interest in any of the normal activities or may be afraid of partaking even in fun-filled activities. They may have a feeling that they are not good even at normal activities. This may be due to the fear that they may fail or that they may not perform to the expected standards.

What should teachers do to help children with teen anxiety

Teachers should delve deep and find out the anxiety triggers that cause this problem in these children. One of the main causes that triggers teen anxiety is bullying by other children. Teachers should immediately take action against those who are responsible for such acts and remove the fear from the minds of the affected teens. They should do counseling to both the affected teens and those who indulge in such activities.

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