High Self-esteem Likely to Keep Seniors Healthy

When talking about seniors, a healthy body starts with a happy mind for them and this is pointed out in a report submitted after a study conducted among elderly people. The Concordia University’s Center for Research In Human Development as a result of its research has suggested that feelings of self-worth and confidence can go hand-in-hand with a lesser chance of health issues.

In general, self-esteem and confidence issues are associated only with teenagers, but the fact is that older adults can also experience some difficulties because of this feeling of worth when they grow older. A study shows that self-worth will begin to reduce in old age as these people begin to live in empty nests after their retirement and also due to the fact that health problems begin to show up at this age.

Stress hormone Cortisol:

A research was conducted among 147 adults of more than 60 years of age and measured their perceived stress levels, cortisol, self-respect and any depressive symptoms for a period of four years. The participants of this research with lower levels of self-worth were found to have higher levels of Cortisol. The effects were more immense in people with stress and depression. When this stress hormone is in excess, it can have negative effects like digestive issues, sleep disorders, weight gain and even memory impairment.

How to improve self-respect?

As self-respect is connected not only with psychological health, but also with physical well-being, improving it will be the best idea to prevent health problems in the latter part of the life of people. One of the best methods that can be followed by older people to improve their self-worth is to socialize themselves and it is better not to isolate themselves as loneliness can cause major health concerns to them. Also, a study conducted by the University of Chicago has pointed out that loneliness can increase the chances of early death by nearly 14 percent.

It is found that improving their self-esteem can provide a wide range of health benefits to seniors and the best solution for them to protect themselves from their self-worth getting decreased. These people can take care of their health and appearance and they can also volunteer and can effectively manage their free time for improving their self-worth.

Reminiscence Therapy:

The team that conducted this research among older people, has also added that they will be conducting a study on immune function and its relation to self-respect and aging. Also, their previous studies also revealed that there is a connection between self-worth and healthy aging. In the year 2012, a study was conducted from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wherein it was found that reminiscence therapy can be the best technique to improve self-esteem in home patients.

To conclude, seniors should be careful about their self-worth and they should take all sorts to steps to keep it up. It is better for them to avoid being alone at home and they can play with their grandchildren and even they can take other steps to keep going. 

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