How Can Low Self-esteem Take A Toll On Your Relationships

Self esteem is the way you hold yourself; it means how you think about yourself. Folks who have a healthy self pride live a happy and prosperous life. On the other hand, individuals with low esteem live a miserable and poor life. If you believe that you are not important, your life will be meaningless. Moreover, you won’t be able to attract the best things in life by thinking low about yourself. Poor self pride has numerous side effects on the life of any individual. Besides work and social life, low self esteem can take a heavy toll on your relationships.

Dissolution of marriage

Often folks who do not care about themselves have a negative mindset. They do not interact with people around them in a positive manner. On the contrary, such people use abusive and harsh words while communicating with folks in their close relations. This also leads to breakage of relationship. The situation can be worse when folks with poor esteem behave irrationally with their significant other. Continued negative behavior often results in dissolution of marriage.

Children’s growth

Besides this, poor self pride can hamper the growth and development of children. Since children imitate their parents, they tend to follow the negative behavior of their parents. As a result, you are imparting your low self esteem to your children. There is no better way to harm your children than observing low self pride. When children mirror you negatively, they do not perform well at their school. Similarly, they won’t fare better in their work life when they grow up. In fact, there are high chances that your kids might turn to be a criminal in the long run due to low morale and improper guidance.

Bad reputation

Apart from breaking your close relationships, low esteem can break and mar your reputation in the society at large. When you behave irrationally in the society, people stay way from you on any given occasion. You tend to lose friends and make more enemies. Moreover, you are neither respected nor welcomed at any place due to your negative behavior. You either become isolated from the good world or become a member of a bad society. Most of the people with poor mentality develop bad habits like drug abuse and alcoholism which can be detrimental to their health and well being.

Thus, there are many bad effects of having a low self esteem. Breakage of marriage, poor development of your children, disrespect, development of bad habits, etc are some of the bad effects of garnering poor self pride. Some folks even go to the extent of committing suicide when they think that they are not important to the world anymore. This is why it is always advisable to assess your esteem at regular time period to find out flaws and develop a sense of well being. Folks who have a high esteem make a big success in their work and personal life than those with poor esteem. So, be sure you garner high self esteem about yourself to move ahead in your life.

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