How Agoraphobia influences teenage psychology

In general, panic disorders affect teens and those who are on the thresholds of early adulthood. But, according to Psychology experts, even adults may be attacked by panic disorders.

Panic disorders may or may not be accompanied by agoraphobia. For diagnosing affliction of agoraphobia along with a panic disorder, Psychology experts study the symptoms of the disorder.

What Are Panic Disorder Symptoms?

Increased anxiety that consists of fears, apprehensions and many other physical and mental symptoms can be found in teens affected by panic disorders. The affected teens may have disturbing thoughts and unreasonable and unrealistic perceptions. They may experience quickened heart-beats, excessive perspiration, palpitations, trembling, breathing problems and even chest pain.

Panic Disorder Accompanied By Agoraphobia

Teens with panic disorders may try to avoid situations, places, things and circumstances that trigger the attacks. Psychology experts say that about one-third of teens who have been affected by panic disorders have a mental condition called agoraphobia also. This mental condition is nothing but a fear in these affected teens that they may have panic attacks due to the situations, places, things or circumstances from which they may not be able to escape.

Teens affected by agoraphobia may have different types of strange problems. For example, a person who has this problem may stay away from places where there are large groups because they have the fear of crowds. So, they may avoid visiting the school cafeteria where a large number of students may be there, they may not visit malls because they may be crowded, they may hate sporting events due to the huge number of spectators and so on. Some teens may fear traveling on their school bus also. There may be a few teens who may not feel safe when they step out of their homes. So, they may stay within a short radius outside their homes. They may almost become home-bound.

How The Affected Teens Can Get Help

Psychology experts say that these teens are very embarrassed about their mental condition and their panic attacks. But, their shame should not be allowed to worsen because it may develop into severe avoidance behaviors and also agoraphobia. Teens affected by the panic attacks accompanied by agoraphobia should get timely treatment. Psychology experts advise both medications and psychotherapy for treating this problem.

Parents, friends and relatives of the teens with this problem should understand that these teens need help. So, parents should not hesitate to discuss this with the friends of their teens, their teachers and other relatives. They should request the friends of their teens to intimate to them when their teens experience bouts of panic attacks in school.

One of the latest techniques used by Psychology experts is called systematic desensitization and in this technique, the affected teens get gradual exposure to the situations they fear. Parents and other loved ones should render suitable support so that this process is carried out smoothly and easily. In general, teens with this problem respond positively for this treatment and they will learn to cope with their conditions. They may slowly get rid of their anxiety and panic attacks and can lead a normal life with a good psychology.

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