Home Remedies for Teen Depression

Depression is a serious illness and needs effective attention and care. If untreated depression can lead to severe problems and have drastic effects on the mental stability and emotional balance of your child. And integral means to surviving life in today’s world, stability and healthy emotional and mental health is vital to proper child development.

In case your teenage child is feeling more than blue and leaning toward being a depressive, there are several ways you can go about making their life better. Here are a few home remedies and fixer-uppers you can try to get your child back on the healthy and positive mind track.

Try Selenium rich food

People who show lower levels of the mineral selenium are more prone to bouts of anxiety, fatigue and depression. Entice your child to try food with high levels of selenium to ease them into more affable state of mind. Prepare dishes that incorporate use of Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, tuna, swordfish and oysters. Eating selenium rich food will make your child less anxious and more open to being healthier and happier.

Coffee does more than just wake you up

Researchers have proven that having a cup or two of coffee in the day can ease your mood and make you more relaxed. It is important however not to go overboard with coffee doses. Excess of caffeine in your system can lead to an increase in nervousness and anxious behavior. Coffee in moderate amounts can alter your mood making you feel less irritable and a whole lot better.

Garlic treatment

Studies have shown that the effect garlic has a relieving effect on cholesterol. Ingesting a daily dose of garlic will elevate your child’s mood and support positive results. Raw garlic alleviates depression by helping in the secretion of serotonin a mood elevating chemical produced by the brain. A few clove of garlic everyday will keep damaging effects of depression at bay.

Get healthy with spinach

A diet enriched in spinach will give your child the much needed zest and drive required to combat depression. Spinach contains high levels of folic acid, an integral ingredient used in the production of serotonin in the brain. Apart from providing a healthy remedy to cure your child of depression, spinach will also build contents of iron, and vital vitamins required to provide an enriching and healthy life. The lack of folic acid is a common nutrient deficiency seen in both children and women.

Increase your child’s intake of Omega 3 fatty acids

The brain, one of the richest sources of fatty acids in the human body, and omega 3 fatty acids are vital to developing a healthier brain. These polyunsaturated acids are most commonly found in food like salmon, flounder, and cod. Omega 3 fatty acids are also found in soy products as well as flaxseed. Omega 3 fatty acids ensure that the brain gets the nourishment it needs establishing a healthy and happy brain.

Getting rid of junk and unhealthy food will also impact your child’s depressive demeanor to one more active and vital.

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