Healthy Marriages: Keeping the Romance Going

Time dulls and wears everything down, including the allure and spark of a healthy marriage. Even the healthiest of married couples go through down cycles where romance is swept out of the door, rather than just under the carpet.

Situations like these call for an instant revamp. Makeover the romance in your marriage, give your spouse the much desired, yet unknown, zest. Here are a few helpful pointers of how to go about getting back into your mate’s good graces.

Begin fresh – re-date your mate

Invigorate your marriage by setting aside special time for just the two of you. Meet your spouse half way. Do the things you’ll would when you first met to keep your union a healthy marriage.

Stop in a movie together, hold hands, share a bucket of popcorn, or make out throughout the entire movie like most couples in there. Enjoy meals alone together, open a bottle of wine, or share a dessert. Keeping your union interesting and fun is what will keep it rewarding.

Flirt like teens

Keep the chemistry up in your marriage by being that coy, witty, and adorable person who won over your spouse’s heart. You’re never too old to have a good flirt with your better half. A healthy marriage is all about reaching out.

Sharing intimate quips with each other throughout the day will keep the excitement and thrill running off the charts. Besides it leaves a lot to look forward to after you’re each done with daily responsibilities.

Keep fit and fetching

Over time we tend to let go of ourselves. Healthy practices like exercise in the day, which could be form, from yoga to Pilates or even a rigorous workout at a gym will help increase your levels of fitness as well as desire.

Daily exercise releases endorphins which in turn make you happy and much more balanced individual, not to mention more flexible and better abled. Make yourself irresistible to your spouse. Revel in the added benefits of a healthy marriage ethic.

Surprise your spouse

Turn routine into exciting adventure. Surprise your partner in ways you’re certain will thrill and accelerate their libido. Get your mojo going in ways you’ll both enjoy! Introduce play or explore each other in ways only an intimate couple could.

Leave a special time in the day to be intimate, either physically or emotionally. Take a free day from work and sped it with your better half. Enjoy each other removed from your usual daily routine.

Small things go a long way

Leave your spouse love notes or funnies around for them to find and have a smile. Let them know you how much you care and love. Put a little effort into whatever you do for your spouse. Write a small poem, scribble a few words here or there, little messages left around say a whole lot more.

Cherishing the romance in a healthy marriage is all about taking the time and the effort. It isn’t the big gestures but the little things that keep a marriage exciting and spontaneous.

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