Healthy Marriages Require Kindness

Experts on relationships advise that healthy marriages can happen only if the partners are able to look at the parts of the relationship as well as the whole. But when they develop this skill, they will find that one of the most important attributes that can ensure healthy marriages is kindness

It is easy to illustrate kindness than to define it. In fact, those who have experienced kindness from others and more so, from their spouses, may not have any hesitation to vouch for its efficacy. It is also a fact that almost everyone can find out if they are treated kindly or not.

How kindness is demonstrated

You can easily spot kind behaviors of your partner. The partner may be gentle, generous, considerate, benevolent and may adopt loving ways. He or she may use only comforting words. The disposition of the person itself may be mild, pleasant and tender. The person may have concern for the partner also.

Kindness is a virtue

Experts who provide a lot of tips for healthy marriages place kindness in the list of virtues. Though the opposite of kindness is not exactly envy, a person who is kind to his or her partner may not be jealous of him or her. On the other hand, the person may celebrate the successes of his or her partner.

The principle of treating your partner as you want yourself to be treated

This is not just a Biblical principle. This is applicable to all religions and all relationships. This holds good for ensuring healthy marriages also. At the time of getting married, couples take a vow that they will be gentle, courteous and kind towards each other. They should never forget this vow till the end if they want to ensure healthy marriages.

No need to be pompous

Couples need not be pompous while showing their love to each other. If couples overact, make efforts to show inflated feelings or indulge in pompous acts, the other partner can easily make out such bogus acts. Kind acts involve gentleness, refinement, finesse and good disposition. Further, there is no place for jealousy or rejoicing over the failures of the other partner in healthy marriages.

Respect for each other will strengthen relationships

There is no place for disrespect also in healthy marriages. Couples should respect the dignity of their partners and behave accordingly. Couples should give more priority to the interests of their partners than theirs. They should not be rude and should not use abusive language also. Compassionate behavior and care for each other will go a long way in strengthening the relationship.

Kindness will reinforce communication without fear

Couples should be able to communicate with each other without fear. But this is possible only if there is kindness. Even simple acts of kindness like sharing household tasks, taking care of the children, etc. may work wonders and ensure healthy marriages.

Disagreements and healthy marriages

It cannot be said that there may not be disagreements in relationships. But these disagreements should not cause strong ripples and demolish the relationship itself. If couples learn to resolve their disagreements, they can ensure healthy marriages. Kindness may play a vital role in such efforts. Even when a partner expresses a differing opinion, it should be accompanied by gentleness and kindness. In short, kindness and respect for each other can reinforce any relationship.

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