Fun Activities to Build Self-Esteem

If you wish to evolve as a person, you might grow, expand, learn and should become more self-assured. Every one of us have faced some difficulties when we were young. At that period small problem would have looked bigger, but now when we compare the problems that we face in the present circumstances, we will feel that those were nothing.

This is simply the way the world moves around. For instance, when you were a little girl, your dad might have promised you to get a gift, but would have forgotten it. At that time you would have worried too much and when your dad bought a different gift for you, the happiness would have been regained. This shows that some thoughts do not stick with you acting as obstacles in your growth and in the development of your self-esteem. This should be followed in every walk of your life.

A move towards building self-respect in girls:

Even, in the present circumstances, you wish to develop your self-respect, you can engage yourself in some fun activities that can boost your worth. A record shows that a number of young girls these days are struggling to boost their confidence and self-esteem. They need some help to teach that they are beautiful and they also need some tools to boost their self-worth. Groups like ‘Beautiful Me’ are conducting different fun-filled events for middle and high school girls to discover their self-respect.

Better choices:

Tonie Bobin, a volunteer of Beautiful Me has stated that it has become the order of the day to make girls realize their self-worth so that they can take better choices in relationships and education. Debbie Majchrzak, who have been working with Beautiful Me for nearly 8 years has stated that when girls are taught to identify themselves at this young age, they will become great leaders tomorrow.

Bloom 2014:

This gathering named ‘Bloom’ is conducted every year and it is jointly produced by Beautiful Me in partnership with radio stations Hope FM 90.7 and Power 88.3. The 2014 event which was conducted in the Port Huron Northern Performing Arts Center had a higher number of girls along with their moms as attendees for learning fun-filled ways to improve their self-esteem. Great artists are invited to make their performances in this event and girls are taught that they are beautiful in a fun-filled manner as a means of boosting their confidence on themselves. Here are some other things you can do for achieving the same:

Some ideas:

You can enroll yourself in a painting or drawing class and this will provide you the opportunity to put your creative side on paper. It is not essential that anybody should judge the outcome, you can be your own judge and can feel happy about your creativity. If possible, get on to the stage in your school or try creative writing and poetry. Setting goals for yourself and reaching them can also help.


When you need help in cultivating your self-esteem, there is no better place to start it from within. Try to develop your ‘can do’ attitude, which will take you on track towards confidence and you will experience a hike in your self-respect within no time.

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