Healthy Marriages and Children

Healthy Marriages and Children


A happy family has now become a rare phenomenon. Yet, it is not extinct and can be revived, with the help of a few attitude adjustments. Children from such families tend to be happier, normal, and achieve good grades in school. Such children have a higher standard of living and have few attitudinal issues in general. They are also known to be less abused, as compared to children from broken families. However, relationships are complicated everywhere. So it is not very wise to make any generalizations. Even children from happy families have issues of identity crisis. Children from other structures of families may end up having a good career and relationships. Children are very quick to pick up on their parents’ behavior. So, you have to careful about what type of behavior you show them.


Talk to your children about healthy marriages


You may discuss a number of things with your child, from the importance of education and independence to even movies which release every week, but you must also educate your child about the importance of a healthy marriage. Your child may be a good human being, but he must realize the importance of a partner in life. Your child must be willing to step out of his or her comfort zone of individuality. If you start putting this thought into their mind at a young age, they will get molded to the idea faster than if you begin in their teens or when they are of a marriageable age.


By the time your children hit the teens they form a strong sense of self and are cozy in their bubble of independence. Do not hesitate to provide a bit of sex education also as part of your discussion. Boys must know that having sex is huge deal and that they should be ready for the responsibility and consequences. Girl children must be taught the value of a girl attaching dignity to the family.


Lead by inspiration


Children pick on actions faster than verbal lecture. For example, if you want to explain to your child the importance of taking care of or being in charge of someone else, instead of lecturing them about the same, you could get them a pet dog. You should teach them to take care of the dog’s eating schedule, bathing it, taking it out to play, and keeping it happy. This will teach the child about taking care of loved ones, who are dependent on them.


Communication is helpful but not as inspiring as real life action. Be practical in your approach – do not give them false hope about life. Teach them how every day can be a struggle, but they have to be strong individuals and deal with life as it comes. Teach them how to make good decisions, as decisions form their destiny and are important for a healthy marriage. Be an authoritative parent, as opposed to an authoritarian one – every decision you take for your children, you must explain to them the hidden agenda behind it. This helps the child get peace of mind, as opposed to restlessness and rebellious feelings.

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