Do You Think You Need Couple’s Counseling?

Do You Think You Need Couple’s Counseling? 


Married couples often face adjustment issues. It is only natural to come across issues in an institution like marriage. It is a societal norm, which you are bound to adhere to so as to be accepted, and more importantly, to carry your family name forward. Marriage is a big responsibility for both partners and it is only natural to doubt that most important choice of your life. You may even think of separation, just because you want end your misery for good. This is where couple’s counseling is helpful.


Why should you undergo counselling?


There are many times when you hope that things get better on their own, between you and your partner. But, in some cases, things only get worse owing to compatibility issues or other family problems. When you face the issues mentioned below, then it is time to see a counsellor.


  • Inappropriate communication: There are occasions where you speak very rudely to your partner, or vice versa. In either of the situations, the partner at the receiving end is hurt and shattered. He or she cannot think of a single reason as to why you got yourself involved with someone who does not care about your feelings. In such a situation, it is best to see a counsellor, as opposed to putting up with the constant hue and cry at home.


  • Extramarital affairs: With growing stress levels and less communication on a daily basis, spouses look for happiness elsewhere. It is ethically immoral and speaks volumes of your character, to be disloyal to your partner. Once you discover that your partner has had an affair, or is having one, it is bound to humiliate you. You may not even want to have a dialogue with your partner. This might be a good time to consult a counsellor and seek advice regarding whether your relationship is worth investing in anymore or not.


  • Coexistence: There are certain points in a marriage where, you feel you are at a standstill. You may think of your spouse as a roommate, who is a part of almost everything you do at home. This could be due to lack of intimacy or common interests, which you can enjoy together. This is a good reason to see a counsellor. You need to reignite a spark in your life, which will help you overcome stagnancy from your marriage.


  • Temporary separation: There are occasions where your marriage comes to a halt, and it could lead to a temporary separation. Usually, these situations occur when you have a major fight, which you are unable to resolve at both ends. Then it is time to see a counsellor. It is not advisable to continue the relationship without any incentive of getting back together. You must seek professional help and try to save your marriage.


There are many occasions when you don’t want to work any more on your relationship, or when you stick around only for the sake of your children. But relationship issues always work out if dealt with maturity.

We offer both couple’s counseling and couple’s workshops.

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