Facts and Myths about Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome, which is a type of autism can affect a person in how he/she perceives the world and relates to people. Although Aspergers do not face learning disabilities as in autism, they may experience difficulties in learning, in the form of dyspraxia or dyslexia, and other disorders like epilepsy and ADHD. More often than not, you won’t be able to tell if a person has Asperger’s syndrome merely by his/her appearance. The main areas that a person with Asperger finds difficulties in are social interaction, social communication and social imagination. These difficulties often lead to confusion and anxiety in such individuals.

Myths and facts

Here are some common myths and facts about Asperger’s syndrome:

Myth: All Asperger’s affected people are geniuses

Fact: While some people affected by Asperger syndrome have high IQ that would correspond to being a genius, many of them have IQ that is above average, and a few with average intelligence.

Myth: Asperger’s syndrome being a social anxiety type

Fact: People with Asperger’s often have difficulty in making conversations and do not take the lead in initiating a conversation, or talking to their peers. What makes it different from social anxiety is the fact that these individuals lack the skills to read body language or social cues, while a person with social anxiety often falls back in social interactions as a result of fear. An Asperger may sometimes develop social anxiety tendencies due to previous social blunders or rejections. Having said that, the basis for diagnosing the two disabilities are completely different.

Myth: Asperger’s affected cant form a romantic relationship, often don’t get married

Fact: There are many people affected by Asperger’s, who have formed decent romantic relationships and moved on to marry and start a family. While many Aspergers may find relationship dynamics a little confusing, they are fully capable of forming a caring bond with an understanding partner.

Myth: Children who have Asperger’s will outgrow it

Fact: Asperger’s condition typically stays for a lifetime. While it may reduce over time in some individuals, others learn to handle it better through therapy, although it may not completely cure the disability.

Myth: Asperger’s affected like to be left alone and don’t desire to make friends

Fact: Aspergers have a tough time making friends as they don’t know how to reciprocate in relationships. It is not uncommon to find Aspergers developing long-lasting relationships. A reason why some Aspergers prefer being left alone is because they get tired, trying to figure out the nuances of relationships. They make for some loyal friends, but also need some time for themselves.

Myth: Aspergers has to be cured

Fact: Sadly, there isn’t a clear-cut remedy for Asperger’s, since it isn’t a disease but a neurological change. While the negative symptoms can be treated using behavioral, physical and occupational therapies, Aspergers also have admirable traits like linear and logical thinking. While some with Aspergers syndrome have used their unique take on things to make great contributions to the society, others have learnt to accept their differences and lead independent lives.

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