Do You Suffer from Summer Teen Depression

That teen depression is on the increase is a fact that no one can deny. But, there are teens who may be affected by a specific type of depression that is otherwise known as summer depression.


Depression during summer belongs to the category of Seasonal-Affective-Disorder. In general, people get affected by this disorder during winter months because days are short and the weather may be unbearably chill. But summer months may also cause this problem.

If you are an adolescent and if you have already been affected by depression, there are chances that you may be affected summer teen depression. This is because of the sweltering heat during this season.

Further, the usual diversions like going to school or college are not there. So, you may have plenty of time at your disposal. This may lead to excessive brooding about unnecessary things which may ultimately cause depression in you.

In addition to unnecessary thoughts, you may terribly be bored also. Since there will be excessive heat, you may not like to go out also. This may add to the problem.

Is summer teen depression biological?

Experts have found out that depression and especially teen depression in some adolescents during summer may be biological. But depression of all teens who experience depression during summer season cannot be categorically classified as one caused by biological reasons. In some teens, the problem may be due to excess heat due to which they feel miserable.

What you should do if you have summer teen depression

Once you realize that you have been affected by summer teen depression problem, you should immediately take steps to acquire as much information about this problem as possible. This is because you should learn to cope with the problem. Internet is a good source and you can learn a lot from the materials available on it. Apart from the materials available on the Net, there are a number of books also written by reputed authors and professionals and you can buy them for knowing the coping strategies for this problem.

If you think that the problem is due to the weather conditions that prevail during this season, you should try to reduce the negative effects of the warm weather.

Switch to healthy fiber foods

Instead of taking your usual foods, you can eat more amounts of vegetables and fruits because they may supply a lot of vitamins and minerals to you. You should choose those vegetables and fruits that may grow abundantly during summer season. You should drink plenty of water also.

Avoid excessive exposure to heat

You should avoid going out in the heat. Instead, you can find out the indoor activities that may interest you and involve yourself in them. You can catch up on your reading or do other household chores you have all along been postponing. The point that is being emphasized here is that you should be active and should not allow your mind to brood over unnecessary things that may increase your teen depression problem.

How to overcome appetite and sleep related problems caused due to summer teen depression?

If you feel that you do not have your usual appetite or if you find that you are not able to sleep well, you need not worry. You should never starve because you may become weak. If you make it a point to take fruits or vegetable salads in the place of your regular foods, you may not only like them but these fruits and vegetable salads may supply you the regular nutrients you may require.

As far as sleep deprivation is concerned, you should just lie down, close your eyes and rest even if you are not able to sleep. You should retire for bed at regular hours. Your body clock will slowly adjust to your timings if you go to bed at the same time. This will help you overcome the problems that may be caused due to sleep deprivation.

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