Do Healthy Marriages Require Healthy Husbands?

According to a study, marriages of the present-day world are not as happy as those of yester years. There may be many reasons for this but one of the reasons can be the health of the husband. In fact, according to a recent study, when both the husband and the wife are quite young, they are able to have healthy marriages. Perhaps, they are able to find out the reasons for the issues they face and resolve them when they are young and strong. But as they age, they may not have as much strength as they used to have. Especially, if the husband is not having good health, it may disturb happiness in the marriage.

Women may not continue to be “relationship experts”

Ironically, according to this study, if the husband loses his good health, it may result in an unhappy marriage but on the contrary, if the wife is not healthy enough, it may not rock the happiness boat. Though currently women are considered “relationship experts” because they are able to take care of almost all the needs of their spouses, there is a likelihood that this notion may undergo a change.

There may be a change in attitude

Experts who have undertaken this study say that the present-day kids who may be the future generation may observe the trends that prevail now and may like to change their perspective. If the health of the husbands takes a beating, the attitude of future women may be affected and so, the couples may not have healthy marriages.

The study also continues to say that there may not be any changes in the attitude of men because even if the health of women declines, it may not affect the relationship.

Men have to take note of these findings and the following tips may be of use to them.

There is more to the relationship between couples than normal things

Men have to understand that there is more to their relationship with their spouses than normal things. This means that apart from nurturing their relationship with their spouses, they have to take care of their health also. If they ransack their memories and try to remember the last occasion they fell ill, they may certainly recollect that their spouses might not have been very comfortable taking care of them during the brief period of their illness. Thanks to their good health and their young age, they might have recovered quickly. But this should serve as a lesson for them so that they can take all possible steps for keeping themselves fit and healthy. In fact, they should never banish this thought from their mind.

The importance of keeping stress away

Men should learn to keep their stress away. It is a known fact that stress can cause many ailments that include diabetes, blood-pressure-related diseases, heart diseases and so on. More importantly, stress can accelerate aging. When men age quickly, their strength to take care of themselves will also automatically come down. Their dependency on their spouses may increase. According to the study discussed above, women are likely to change their attitude and so, accelerated aging of men should not be allowed to become a factor for derailing healthy marriages and forcing these men to lead a life of utter loneliness.

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