Deciding on Ending Relationships

Love is a many-splendored thing; a delightful state of mind, love brings all things positive and makes this sometimes unbearable world paradise for a bit. Though before committing to anything long term and or serious, ask yourself if your partner supports you with other qualities besides love.

Here are some pin-pointers on how to go about deciding if your relationship is going to last the test of time, or if it’s better to move on to someone one who suits you better.

Does it hold potential

If you’re fresh into the relationship and already facing issues and find yourself constantly arguing, it’s time to stop and consider what keeps you in the relationship. If your partner finds it difficult to converse with you about things that should come easy to a person in a committed relationship, take heed.

Are you accepted as equal?

If you find yourself often demeaned, in private and worse in public, by your friend, then you should consider addressing the issue at hand. It isn’t so much finding a perfect mate to spend your time with, but one who gets along peaceably without insulting, or taking advantage of the fact that you love wholeheartedly is important.

Address the issue immediately

If you find yourself in a position of frequent concern, if the relationship is working out or not, then perhaps it’s best to end it quickly. Finding yourself in position of stagnancy in a relationship is a tell-tale sign of a deteriorating situation. Raise issues you face in a relationship by being direct, honest, kind and humble. Perhaps you’re feeling suffocated by their constant need for assurance or neediness.

Do your priorities match?

Every couple sees a future for themselves, over time though some fall behind while others race ahead. In situations where the both of you want and are looking for very different things in life, then it’s a good position to want to stop and consider how you’d like to work things out.

If the possibility of drawing middle ground is out of bounds, or of meeting each other half way is out of the question, then give your partner a get out of relationship free card. The inability to see eye to eye, is a sure sign of several hurdles to overcome in the future.

Is your partner trustworthy?

Once you lose the ability to trust your partner, for whatever reason, the possibility of rebuilding this integral fundamental block in long term your relationship, might be a waste of energy. Doubt is a persistent seed to have in your mutually respectful love garden. Once planted, it’s incredibly difficult to rid of such a relentless feeling.

You wouldn’t want to put either your partner or yourself through the interminable baggage that distrust brings along. Unless you can sort the issue out, there isn’t any point in continuing in the relationship.

More often than not it’s better to end harmful relationships, rather than dragging them on interminably because you believe the other person can change. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and terminate your broken relationship on a good respectful note.

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