Communication for Healthy Marriages

Most couples assume people are wed into healthy marriages, contrary to this naïve assumption, a strong and healthy marriage is the product of hard work put in by both partners. The first year of marriage is the most formative. Starting fresh, several couples don’t take the time to get down to building a bridge to open and receptive communication. Even if you’re well into your marriage, you can always begin opening up to your spouse with the aim that they will begin to share as well.

Commit to communicating

Begin by being forthcoming yourself, sharing one’s feelings usually brings about a reciprocation of the same. Work through daily chores together, this will build an inseparable bond. Share responsibilities that come with homemaking.

Find an activity or sport the two of you can participate in; this will work toward creating a better bond as a team, because every married couple is a team, a cohesive unit.

Dedicate time

Take time in the day, perhaps after work when you’re both relaxed. Discuss ideas, share thoughts and plans for the future, most importantly – spend time together. Designate a certain hour in the day to get to know each other; this will set a firm foundation for a healthy marriage.

Peel your onion right. Learning more about your spouse with every discussion or talk you have might not be easy or exactly what you want to hear. Power through ridicule, if faced, be not afraid to open up and discuss your innermost feelings.

Persistence and perseverance

Make these words your motto if you like. Select a non-confrontational approach to beginning a conversation, especially if you’re met with resistance from your partner. Make yourself easy, relaxed and accessible, conversation opens a person up, and they being to share without even knowing that they are.

The most important thing is to get the ball rolling, before you know it your closed and distanced spouse will transform into a stronger individual, one in touch with and in control of their emotions.

Be creative

Chat about anything and everything you like. It doesn’t necessarily have to be goal oriented at first, though you can slowly build toward that. Talk about ways of approaching issues you face, find support in each other. Prioritize your life with your partner, have them the benefit of suggesting goals to attain together as a team.

Build on all that’s past by sharing challenges overcome and look toward facing several more to come in the future, together as a unit. This will build a delightful environment toward a healthy marriage.

Inspire your spouse

Cherish your partner for everything they are. It’s lovely that they’re different from you; no two people are exactly alike. Avoid changing them into what you would think they should be like. Change must come from within the person; any attempt to change your spouse will only make communicating with them more difficult. Inspire them through love, to want to be better people.

A must in every healthy marriage, communication is a cornerstone to a nurtured relationship. With a good amount of effort and dedication, you can begin to bloom with your spouse. Grow as a unit together in harmony and open dialogue. 


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