Children And Teen Depression

Most of us think that adults only feel depressed, but even children and teenagers face this problem. However, this condition in children and teen depression is treatable. It can be defined as a condition when the feeling of depression continues and even interfere with the ability of the child or teenager to function. A record shows that nearly five percent of kids and teens face the problem of depression at any given point of time. Kids under stress and who experience anxiety, conduct, learning or attention disorders are at higher risk of depression. This condition tends to run in families as well.


In general, the behavior of a depressed child or adolescent will be different from that of a depressed adult. Parents are generally advised by psychiatrists to keep themselves aware of the signs of teen depression.

When to seek medical help?

Parents are advised to seek medical help, when they find one or more of the following sings in their child:

  • Low self-esteem or guilt
  • Low energy and continues boredom
  • Increased hostility, anger and irritability
  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Frequent crying, fearfulness or sadness
  • Reduction of interest in activities or inability in enjoying the activities that were previously their favorites
  • Hopelessness
  • Poor communication and social isolation
  • Higher level of sensitivity to failure or rejection
  • Frequent physical illness complaints like headache or stomachache
  • Efforts to run away from home or talking about it frequently
  • Poor performance in school or frequent absences
  • Poor concentration
  • Self-destructive behavior or expression or thought of suicide
  • A major change in the sleeping or eating pattern

Other signs to notice

Apart from the above-mentioned signs, if you find that your teen, who previously spent most of the times with his friends is now showing interest towards spending time alone, he might be facing teen depression. Even, some of them might seek the help of alcohol or drugs with the hope that they make them feel better. Parents should be highly careful as a depressed child is at higher risk of committing suicide.

Children causing trouble at home

Even, children, who is causing trouble at school or home might be facing depression. When they find that a child is always sad, teachers and parents cannot realize that reason behind his behavior and it might be a sign of depression. Sometimes, the children might themselves say that they are unhappy.

Early diagnosis and treatment

To protect your child from the ill effects of teen depression, it is highly essential that early diagnosis and treatment should be given. A professional help is needed in this case. Generally, comprehensive treatment might include both family and individual therapy. When it comes to individual therapy, interpersonal Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help. Even, anti-depressant medications may be prescribed by the doctor. Rather than seeking the advice of a general physician, taking the help of a psychiatrist can be the best idea to get your child safely out of teen depression.

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