Celebrities Who Battled Teen Depression

When you are depressed, you will sense loneliness and may feel that you are the only person struggling with this level of pain. You may will also begin to think that these struggling circumstances will never get better. However you are not alone and you might be surprised to know that many people, who are celebrities in the present circumstances were once suffering from teen depression. When you get to know these people, you will gain back your confidence and will begin to think that you too can become like these celebrities at some point in the future:

Celebs who faced depression

Brad Pitt

You might be surprised to know that your favorite star Brad Pitt once suffered with depression in his life. In an interview, he said that even though, he was a famous star in the late 1990s, one of the situations in his life made him think that he is the ultimate loser. He later coped with the situation and fought back in his life to gain popularity.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, who is the great star presently in the Hollywood too faced depression many times in her life. She faced teen depression and was very disturbed when she lost her mom to cancer. To get her out of depression, she signed the action movie ‘Wanted’. Once she said that she felt like getting into a dark place and to protect herself, she signed for the movie to engage herself in some activities that can keep her active.

Demi Lovato

While some celebrities do not come forward to talk about their downtime, Demi Lovato accepts her history and her past experiences has provided her the chance to now act as an advocate for teens, who are battling with mental health issues. She believes it to be her responsibility to help these people as she had no one around to support and encourage her when she was struggling with drug addiction and bipolar disorder.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has experienced depression in his life that forced him to attempt suicide. Before this attempt, he was on anti-depressant medications, but they seemed useless for him. Even though, he has not talked about his suicide attempt publicly, he seems to be in good spirits now.

J.K. Rowling

This novelist, who is famous for her Harry Potter series was once a single mother struggling to meet her ends, when she was living in a crappy apartment. During this period, she was in the depths of despair and to get out of her stressful situation, she started going to therapy. This therapy made her emotionally strong and she started creating the Harry Potter collection that was reproduced in the form of films.

The list of celebs and successful people who have been a victim of teen depression is long. The common factor among them is that all these people fought back teen depression successfully and are inspiring others in battling it.

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