Best Times to Form Relationships

Relationships are not something that knock loud in the door before coming in your life; sometimes, they just happen. There is no optimum age by which you need to get committed, for some it can be as early as 22 yrs whereas for some it is 40 yrs. It is up to you to judge when is the right time to culminate your attachment to someone into a full- fledged relationship, but there are certain easy pointers that will guide you to take the plunge when the time is ripe.

Is something lacking in your life?

Sometimes relationships become a survival strategy, to bank upon. You have a well settled career, fun loving friends, a throbbing social life but still at the end of the day, do you feel like calling up someone and sharing your thoughts, problems and experiences? You walk into a store and feel like treating someone with a gift wrapped in pink tissues? Well then what you need is a good relationship. This feeling of a vacuum or longing doesn’t comes, when you are mentally not prepared for a relationship, and just want to have some fun, no attachment flings.

Lesser responsibilities and a balanced life

Being single means you will have to shoulder all the responsibilities and household chores on your own. Being with someone makes sure that you have someone to fall back upon. Having a partner ensures that after a long tiring day, there is someone to buy/make dinner. Someone who helps you sort (if not support) your finances, someone who remembers when you forget to pay the electricity bills. Someone warns to take care of you, someone who leaves notes over your kitchen fridge.

Longing to have a better and matured you?

Sometimes having relationships also makes you a more mature and stable person. This is so because you evolve from being a free bird into someone who is ready to settle down, but at own terms. After a certain age there comes a phase in life where one needs to bring a balance in it. A steady relationship which gives you mental satisfaction is like roots of a tree, it gives a solid footing for you to expand your ambitions too.

Having someone who actually cares for you, with whom you can visualize yourself having a future with you gives you a confidence to take on the world. The loneliness, that sinking feeling of returning home to an empty dark apartment often takes out the zing in you. But when it comes to have a solid steady relationship, suddenly the days are brighter. The happy hormones keep you energetic and happy, and your mind is more focused.

So, while there is no secret formula to determine the correct time to go into relationships, you will have to analyze and understand when the time is ripe by reading the signals and listening to your instincts. Go ahead, if the special someone is nearby, give the relationship a try.

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