Anxiety Issues Increasing Among People

Anxiety is a condition that affects many people at least once in their lifetime. When anxiety occurs again and again, people realize that it is important to get medical help. They begin to think whether medication or psychological treatments can help them get out of the anxiety issues that are disturbing them often. Even though, some people get medical help and act as per the guidance of the health care provider, many of them worry whether therapy can work or taking up the right drugs is a good idea.

A Nationwide survey in the United Kingdom:

If you are worried about the anxiety issues, you can relieve yourself that you are not the only person facing this problem. A nationwide survey conducted in the year 2007 in the United Kingdom has found that around three million people in this country face this condition. The report has also added that about 7 percent of adults in this country are under anti-depressant medication, which is prescribed for anxiety issues too. A warning report was recently submitted by many health charities that anxiety level is increasing among people and some of the reasons like long recession, financial crises and switch over to the modern culture are stated out as culprits behind this increasing number.

What has changed?

Even though, the above-mentioned reasons are pointed out for increasing anxiety issues, experts are still finding it difficult to quantify whether it is the human feeling of anxiety that has changed or whether the human perception of those feelings has changed. Many experts have raised questions as to whether we are increasingly viewing normal emotions of humans as a symptom of mental illness?

Scott Stossel’s View:

Scott Stossel, who is the editor of the American Magazine called The Atlantic, has published a book, wherein he has stated about his lifelong battle with anxiety issues. He has stated that in his life he has taken antidepressant medicines many times. He has also added that rather than considering this condition as a psychological issue, consider it as a health issue, just like diabetics.

Anxiety and depression:

Even though, anxiety and depression were two things that are brought under a single notion, experts say that these two are two different conditions. The former is something related to the feelings of worry, while the latter relates to loss of interest and pleasure and low mood. In many cases both of them occur together. The blurred lines between these two things make it hard to grasp.


Anxiety is a confusing and broad term and many reasons can be stated for the same. It is not essential to worry whether we are living in an exceptionally anxious age, as we are not the first generation with this condition. Anxiety can now be pointed out as a peculiar modern experience, thanks to the therapies and drugs available these days. Even though, the recent report states that about three million people in the UK suffer with anxiety issues, many of them are not talking about it even to their friends. If you face this condition, there is nothing to worry about, there are medications and therapies to help you out.

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