6 Signs You’re Partner May Be Cheating



If you’ve ever had to ask yourself whether your partner is being unfaithful or not, chances are something may be up. If you are getting that feeling, some signs just can’t be ignored. Here are six common signs to look for:


Unusual generosity

An affair takes time — time that the partner should not notice. They set a certain schedule to “get rid” of the partner with fixed dates – best in the form of generous gifts at certain times, so the partner knows precisely when s/he has a free evening for themselves.

Unusually generous gestures should even make you sit up and take notice. Because an affair causes feelings of guilt, the unfaithfulness may suddenly spill over by gifting the partner with flowers, small gifts and sweet attentions such as breakfast on the bed or a love message in their pocket.



Emotional fluctuations

The person who cheats is deceiving the partner and continually running the risk of being caught especially if their partner gets suspicious and the unfaithful one notices that.  For example, they may react very sensitively and defensively to questions about appointments.

If you question your partner with your suspicions, s/he will counter opposing charges, or make a scene out of sheer disappointment with “such an unfair insinuation” and be insulted for days at a time. In any case, it will be an extreme reaction and work as if rehearsed.



More or less sex

Also in your sex life, you will notice changes in the case of an affair. Either you have (still) less sex than before or much more than usual. Sounds paradoxical? Not necessarily.

The other lover usually has a malicious conscience and wants to compensate their partner with more affection. On the other hand, a well-known proverb says: “The appetite comes with the meal,” and so it sometimes happens during sex.

The more you have, the more you want. It is particularly noticeable when the partner suddenly wants to try new positions but already mastered them perfectly. Did s/he maybe practice somewhere else?



Overtime, Overtime

“It took longer in the office” is the classic movie scene for the cheating excuses. However, the cliché often corresponds to the truth. Many people use alleged overtime for a hot adventure. With a call to the secretary or colleagues and a view of the parking lot with the employer can check that.

If your partner is still in the office, do not weigh yourself down. Professionals work overtime, but only use a few of them for extramarital “activities.”



New look, new perfume

Do you know the song “A new love is like a new life”? The same is true of an affair. It does not necessarily have to be love, but to cheat on one’s partner leaves its mark on the cheater: in their everyday life, emotional life and sometimes in their wardrobe.

A complete type of change is often an indication that something is going on. Is your partner suddenly wearing cool jeans instead of the worn corduroy trousers, a new perfume, or dying their hair? This could be the influence of another woman or another man.



From couch potato to fitness freak

For a new lover, the body has to be in top shape again! Anyone who suddenly feeds on salad and protein bars and runs to the gym five days a week, somehow makes you suspicious, right? In today’s world, it is difficult to filter out the cheaters among the real fitness fanatics. However, the conversation with your partner will possibly unveil the truth. At least, by seeing their reaction when answering you. Cheaters usually have to think long to provide the reason of “why” questions.

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