10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Your Day

An overwhelming sense of stress can throw off our whole day. These ten simple tips will help you take your life back into your own hands. Bye-bye stress, hello stress-free existence!

Breathe in, breathe out

Take a short break every now and then to focus on your breath. Bring yourself into the present moment and think about what you are feeling. Those who acknowledge their feelings can deal with them much better.


Tea is the new coffee

Are you a big-time coffee drinker? Then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that caffeine makes you restless. Sip on a hot cup of tea. Focus on the temperature and the comfort it brings.



A pause is a break

Do you often have lunch at your computer while working? Take some time for yourself and relax during the lunch break. Read a book or magazine, take a walk or call a friend. Breaking up the day can minimize stress and keep the stress at bay.



Increase me-time

Do your colleagues or family members sometimes get on your nerves? Relationships of all sort can be hard work! Be mindful and take a few minutes for yourself each day.



Talk with a good friend

There’s nothing better than a friendly conversation with your best friend but be sure to avoid topics that cause stress. Reflect on sweet memories together so that you forget everything that may be creating tension at the moment.



Get rid of sugar

Do you occasionally enjoy a lovely cake or homemade cookies? It’s difficult, but try to eat as little sugar-rich snacks as possible. Nuts or a piece of fruit give you twice as much energy without the emotional ups and downs sugar can cause.



Keep tidy

When there are piles of papers, letters, folders, and pens, a desk quickly turns into a mess. So take a moment to tidy everything up again. A tidy desk is an orderly mind.



Mirror, please!

It’s hard to see a way out of the chaos. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror – you are OK. You have been in the situation once before, and you are ultimately in control.



Let the feelings flow

It’s okay to feel these feelings — you are safe, even when it may feel like you are not. Often fighting these feelings adds fuel to the fire. Thank your body for all it’s hard work.



A good night’s sleep

Do you worry at night? That, of course, does not help you start your day well and relaxed. Drink a cup of tea before bedtime, take a bath, or find a relaxing practice to put into place. This way you will undoubtedly go to bed as relaxed as possible.



Finally and most importantly, realize that you are OK. You are safe. You will be taken care of. When you relax, the breath automatically flows in. Implement self-compassion. Dare to be honest. You don’t have to make yourself bigger or better than you are. Show yourself entirely with all your beauty – and also your shadow edges. You are a person who, just like everyone else on this planet, is looking for a bit of calm in each day.

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